Tuesday, September 1, 2015

rebranding poverty luxe.

hello everyone! im back from my month off from blogging and before i get going on all the exciting things ive been working on, i feel like i should address this rebranding business thats been going on. by now youve heard me talk about this "rebrand" a few times, and im sure youre sick of hearing about it. well i have some GREAT news for you: its done! ive really put a lot of work into this over the past few months so today i want to take some time to talk about all the changes ive made and what that means for the future of poverty luxe.

first off, just in case youre not familiar with branding and what a "rebrand" even is, its a change in the direction or aesthetics of an existing brand. in this case, poverty luxe, my blog about making a good life on a budget, is getting a  bit of a face lift. some of the changes have been slowly happening for a while, and others are big and brand new, but overall, this is very much the same blog. 

so heres a breakdown of whats changed/changing around here: 

1. the logo/site design. this is where the biggest/most obvious changes are: i designed the new logo myself during last semesters illustration class, had minty fox designs make my template, and, most recently had ashley beaudin write all-new copy for my about page. i LOVE how everything has come together and finally feel like this site really represents what i want this blog to be. 

2. my posting schedule. ive worked REALLY hard to keep up a three day a week posting schedule, which im really proud of. except, three posts a week isnt really enough to cover all the content i want to cover and still have room to do something fun/spontaneous. so im planning my editorial calendars to have FIVE posts per week for the next couple of months to see how that goes. 

3. the content. during my month off i spent a long time thinking about what kind of posts i like writing most, what kind of posts get the most response, and what kind of posts are most valuable to my readers, and i realized that there was a LOT i could be talking about (like money, goal setting, crafts, and personal style) that i havent had room for in my schedule, and well, those things are all coming soon. 

4. monetization. there are a LOT of ways to make money from blogging (which i wont go into in detail here), and while making money here is something i would LOVE to happen, ive realized that most of those ways involve things that just really dont fit with the poverty luxe brand. so im sticking with google ads and skimlinks for affiliate commissions, saying goodbye forever to sidebar ads, and looking forward to partnering with individual brands and selling my own digital products in the near future. 

5. my motivation in blogging. when i started this blog, i really just wanted a distraction from how difficult life was for us at the time so i just shared whatever. later, i decided that i wanted to be more serious and started trying to make money and tried a bunch of things that just really didnt work out. but recently ive been reminded of what exactly i want this blog to be/do for the people who read it: i want it to be a source of useful information, practical tips, and projects/recipes that are actually doable. i never really had a "mission statement" for my brand but i suppose now i do (which is probably the most important thing to come out of this rebrand).

long story short, poverty luxe is still very much the same blog: its still written by me and its still talking about our life and how we make it work on a tight budget. im not changing any of that. im just making some changes to take it to bigger, better places so that it can be more useful and valuable to you, the reader, because at the end of the day, thats what really matters. 

what do you think of the new look? where would you like to see the content go? what types of posts are your favorite? 

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