Your life doesn’t start with money, but you can live a full and rewarding life on little.

Whether you’re a student eating more top ramen than you want, newlyweds with debt and bills or young parents with a number of mouths to feed; you have one thing in common -- you don’t want your income to stand in the way of you living your dream life.

I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to.

My name is Victoria and I am the blogger behind Poverty Luxe; a lifestyle blog all about living the good life on a tight budget. I live in a tiny apartment in the LA suburbs with my husband James, our two littles (Alice and Benedict), and our two cats (Artimus and B).

For the past few years, we have been on an adventure learning to love living the broke life. We don't know everything, but...

I know this for sure: you can have rich experiences without having a bottomless bank account and you can enjoy life now without waiting to win the lottery.

Fashion. Eating well. Home. Family. Adventures.

That isn’t dedicated for the rich and famous. It is for you, So, let’s get creative, let’s hustle, let’s brainstorm and let’s live our lives now.

And then let’s bond about it over gluten-free Mac and Cheese. Deal?

PS: If you want to reach me, you can send an email over to wifeofmeyers@gmail.com! I’d love to hear from you! 


  1. oh you're beautiful and have a gorgeous family :)

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  3. nice to meet you, allie! thank you, im glad you stopped by (mostly because i got to read your awesome blog, i mean, youre into science?! how cool is that?). the name is kind of a long story (maybe ill write a post about it someday), but the short version is that i wanted a short name that captured our lifestyle, which is broke (and i mean really, really broke, not los angeles broke), but like, a fancy kind of broke... actually you just gave me an idea for a MUCH better "about" page, thanks!

  4. You are stunning and have a beautiful family! I can't wait to get to know you and your blog.

    1. aw, thank you! im excited to get to know you too!

  5. So glad I came by your blog and you have a very lovely family.

    - Chrissy of Crashbeauty.com
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  6. how'd you choose your blog title? it's so intriguing. (and has no one asked that before?)

    and you have a beautiful family!

  7. So nice to meet you!!
    I just came across your blog!! I am so happy I found it! I am now following! I look forward to keeping up and getting to know you more!


  8. Thanks for saying hi on twitter! I am digging your blog's vibe. It's right up my alley.

  9. What a cute family y'all are! I came across this blog and I love it. I love to knit too and we go to church too. What church do you go to? I know what you mean when I read on one of your other pages how they can really put you down. Glad you found a great church. Glad to see you are going back to college and hope things work out for you. What degree are you seeking?