Wednesday, August 27, 2014

20 things you might not know about me.

lately ive had a huge surge of new followers, and, well, since i havent been posting regularly and id like all of you to stick around and be friends, i thought it might be fun to break the ice a little and share 20 things you might not know about me. so, here we go: 

1. the only time i have ever not lived in los angeles county was the 16 months i lived in arizona. actually, "los angeles county" is a bit too broad, except for that year ive spent my entire life in the south bay, which is a specific and not very large portion of los angeles county that most people outside of la dont even know exists. like, the new grand theft auto totally skips it. 

2. im a beauty school dropout. yeah, i know. when i enrolled i was 19 and really worried about finding a "real job", so i enrolled in the cheapest beauty school in the area. turns out you get what you pay for and i was not able to finish. 

3. i also briefly attended USC. and if i had finished on schedule, i would have graduated with rob kardashian. from different schools, but still, its kind of funny. 

4. ive never had a passport and i only got my first credit card last week. im not so great at adult things....

5. ive seen motion city soundtrack play eight times (or maybe 9, i lost count). including once when alice was 9 months old. we got her a signed LP to commemorate the occasion: 

6. i own a vest given to me by tyler glen of neon trees from like, way before they were famous. i know, picture or it didnt happen. tyler glen:


7. when people from out of town ask if ive ever seen a famous person in real life, i always say no. this is a lie. not saying that ive had a whole lot of celebrity sightings, but rainn wilson, chris rock, adam sandler, pete wentz, kat von d, zachary quinto, and im sure a few more that i cant remember are all people ive seen in real life. also, i lived in the apartment building that most of jackie brown was filmed in, while they were filming it. 

8. alice was due to be born on my birthday. thanks to a scheduled c-section she was born a week early. i recommend planning to avoid this. 

9. i tested out of high school/started college when i was 15. thanks to some scheduling mix ups and transferring to the worst. university. ever. it took me an extra year to finish my aa. but i was 18 when i graduated. 

10. as a result, i dont technically have a high school diploma. every now and then i like to pull the "what do you expect, i dont even have a high school diploma!" card but nobody buys it. obviously. 

11. i was homeschooled, and i LOVED it. i cant wait to start homeschooling alice, too!

12. the first time i ever saw chitty chitty bang bang was on my honeymoon. i know, i know, so many questions. 

13. my superpower is that i can read really, really, really fast. i read the first hunger games book in one three-hour sitting. 

14. im really really uncoordinated and comically bad at all sports. except, for some reason, dodgeball. im surprisingly good at dodgeball. but dont tell anyone. 

15. i was on an episode of clean house. a house on my dads street was having a yard sale on a day i was over there. it turned out to be a clean house garage sale. we bought a kaleidoscope from niecey nash and our bit made it into the final edit, apparently. my dad still has the kaleidoscope. 

16. i really like doing laundry. its my favorite chore, i could do laundry all day. if i could work at a hotel doing laundry all day, that would be awesome. 

17. in my teens, i developed a serious allergy to chocolate but thankfully i outgrew it. seriously, whos even allergic to chocolate? is that not the dumbest thing youve ever heard of? 

18. i didnt actually want to get my nose pierced but my mom offered to pay for it as my high school graduation gift. one day she was driving me home from a doctor appointment and made this really dangerous u-turn into a tattoo shop and i was just like, "ok". ive only changed the jewelry in it once and i honestly forget that its there until somebody mentions it and im like "i have a nose ring?". 

19. we dont have tv. actually, weve never had tv the entire time weve been married. this has been an excellent decision on all accounts. 

20. when i was a little girl my dream was to be an orca trainer at sea world. then one day i got to go to the "breakfast with shamu" thing where you get to ask the trainers questions and i asked them how to get their job. you need a phd in marine biology AND a level 9000 free diving certification and i was like screw that. 

so now that youve suffered through 20 things about me, whats something that people might not know about you? 


  1. thanks! ive probably only worn it twice, but i keep it so that someday alice will know that i at least USED to be cool...

  2. Ok so almost half of those I could have written, especially the last one. like, exactly.

  3. Hahahaha the last one. Yea screw that. Hahaha!

    I love this! I love getting to know my favorite bloggers better. I've been following you for a while and it's so nice to read things I had no clue about you.

    xo Denise

  4. I am the slowest reader on the planet. It sucks because I love reading. I've been a slow reader for my entire life. My parents even got me those speed reading learning programs..nothing. They figured since I was still reading, that was all that mattered. I'm super jealous! x

  5. this is awesome. I didn't know you were homeschooled :D

  6. i know, right? who the heck even has time to get super amazing at free diving while getting a phd?

    thanks! my favorite bloggers are the ones that feel like they could be one of my friends, so i thought this kind of post would be a fun way to become one of those kinds of bloggers, I'm glad you had fun with it!

  7. aw, sometimes reading really fast is hard too, because the books that i love are over so quickly!

  8. thanks beka! yep, i was totally homeschooled (well, from 4th-10th grade, then i went to college). i guess this surprises a lot of people because, i dont know, i dont own a floor length denim skirt (anymore)? its REALLY funny to see peoples reactions when i tell them for the first time.

  9. Ok so ... I don't have a passport either, 1. Two.. my mom preferred I get a tattoo rather than a nose ring after I graduated highschool.. so I did. Music notes I drew myself on my back (which a couple years later I added on a treble clef and more music notes around with a little bit of purple - which isn't so vibrant anymore.. boo.... HOWEVER - my first weekend of college in Oregon I got a nose piercing anyway! I don't really wear a nose ring now, but the hole is still there - I check every now and again, lol.

  10. I also like doing laundry, though mainly because I like to press warm just-out-of-the-dryer clothes into my face. Also the vest, awesome!!!!

  11. laundry is the best, its so peaceful and rhythmic and organized.... i wish more things could be like laundry...

  12. really?! your mom went for tattoo over piercing? my mom was like "when youre grown up enough to not live here and pay your own bills you can get a tattoo"

  13. ha, that was just the first stereotypical homeschooler thing i could think of. but yeah, i LOVED being homeschooled, and i think alice is really going to love it too! i know a lot of people that were homeschooled and resent it, but i think its wonderful.

  14. I know right.. she was like it better not be bigger than a quarter... haha.. ten years later I think I've added on 5 more.

  15. What a fun way to get to know you better! If Alice wants to be a whale trainer, will you encourage her to get her PhD and level 9000 whatever certification thing ;)

  16. thanks delia! if alice wants to be a whale trainer, ill make sure she knows early on what will be required of her, and hope that shes a heck of a lot more driven than i am.