Monday, February 17, 2014

valentines day surprises, things that are making me anxious, and weekly wishes.

happy monday everyone! 

so, friday was valentines day. 

and theres something you need to know about james and i: we are NOT the kind of couple thats any good at anything even remotely related to being romantic. i mean, this is how we met. we've been to the movies together exactly four times and half of them were before we got married. we only started going on fancy dress-up dates like a year ago. so, all i really wanted/expected out of valentines day was a stop at our favorite revolving sushi bar, preferably without alice. and that did happen. 

but what i didn't expect, was for james to go completely above and beyond and way uncharacteristically overboard with romantic gestures for basically the entire week. 

first off, he made this:

on the huge, empty wall of our bedroom. 

then, he completely re-arranged the living room, not in some stupid inefficient arrangement just because he was bored, but to give me an awesome and totally functional workspace:

which was basically the most romantic thing i could even ask for, given that i haven't had any kind of workspace since we lived in arizona. 

plus, when i got up friday morning there were roses on the table:

and, you know, he still took me for revolving sushi (which, in my opinion, is the very best kind of sushi). so, that was our valentines day. thanks james, you sure know how to make a lady feel special (and way to make my card look totally pathetic in comparison). 

enough about valentines day though, lets get in to this weeks weekly wishes. basically this week i only have one (besides continuing to work on my monthly goal of deep cleaning the apartment):

don't spend the entire week as an anxious and emotional wreck. 

see, i have two things making me really, really anxious this week, one is kind of silly and the other is a bit more serious/important. lets start with the silly one:

so, my oh so wonderful mother generously bought me a ticket to go to the oc blogger brunch that melyssa of the nectar collective is hosting on saturday. on the one hand, I'm SUPER excited to meet melyssa and all the other bloggers in real life and i know its going to be really fun. on the other hand, i have REALLY bad social anxiety and the fact that I'm going to this thing ALONE is totally freaking me out.

and when i say "really bad social anxiety" i don't mean like i don't enjoy talking to strangers. i mean like i GO OUT OF MY WAY to not have to talk to people i know on the phone (and don't get me started about calling strangers!). i mean like more than once I've had a full blown panic attack at our church christmas party. i mean like one time my mom offered me FIFTY DOLLARS to go to my neighbors halloween party and introduce myself to three people, and i said HELL NO. i mean like the only person i talk to at church (the church I've gone to since i was TEN) is my mom. 

now I'm driving 40+ minutes away to go have brunch with a whole group of strangers (that are all surely cooler and more interesting and have better blogs than me) ALL BY MYSELF and I'm terrified. but obviously I'm going to do it anyway because i need more real life friends. 

also, I'm totally freaking out about what i should wear, but I'm sure ill figure that out...

now for the bigger, more important thing thats making me anxious:

james has a third interview for a really, really, REALLY great job at a fantastic company in our neighborhood. I've mentioned before that james has hardly had any work in the past few months, right? well, this new job would be a totally normal, 40 hour week, every week (plus a shorter bike commute for james), and it would be a HUGE relief to all of us if he were to get hired.  

the thing is though that their hiring process has been painfully slow. his first phone interview was almost a month ago, and his second interview was last thursday. the suspense is killing me because i can not stand suspense. especially when a really awesome job that basically solves all our current problems is on the line. 

and to make things extra weird, today he's working at his regular job (for the first time in over a month). so, prayers in this department would be greatly appreciated. 

thats whats going on over here right now. what are your plans this week?


  1. I feel ya on the social anxiety! I've literally pulled into a parking lot & left before even getting out of my car, went home but drove back, sat in my car then left, drove home, talked myself into trying one more time and allllllmost got out of my car but instead just left - it was for a friends bday but because I was by myself i couldn't do it.
    Kudos for deciding to go to the brunch. There's no way, NO WAY I could go alone even though you & I both know that blogger chicks are the nicest and there's almost zero chance that you won't have a good time. I'm rooting for you!

  2. oh, thank you! it makes me feel so much better to know that there are other people dealing with this too! usually if I'm with james (or even just me and alice) i can do ok, but even last weekend i went to a close friends bridal shower by myself and it was SO AWKWARD and i just wanted to go home the whole time. honestly i think my mom buying me the ticket has a lot to do with her REALLY liking to force me out of my comfort zone, which part of me hates, but part of me is really grateful for.

  3. I can relate to the social anxiety. The love lights and work space look great though!

    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  4. Thank you dear for your sweet words. I am so very proud of you and I know that you will meet and make new friends both at the blogger convention and otherwise. Alice and I love you and couldn't ask for a better wife/mommy. Alice says thank you for taking her to grammy's and the park today too.

  5. LOVE that love sign! so so sweet!!!! Have a fantastic week!

  6. thanks! i love it too, except, when i heard james in the bedroom firing a million staples i maybe stormed in there about to yell at him for being up to no good...

  7. yeah, it really is a pain sometimes because i tend to turn totally not scary things into big terrifying things that make me want to cry. james really outdid himself with those, and if he gets offered this job tomorrow, then i can spend a LOT more time working at my lovely new workspace.

  8. aw, you're too kind. most of the time i feel like were the boringest and least romantic blog couple ever, but james is real sweet sometimes.

    you're SO right about the anxiety not making sense, i REALLY want to go to this thing and logically, it WILL be a great opportunity, but I've been making up about a million and one reasons for it to be scary.

  9. james, i really feel like commenting on your own wifes blog is against some kind of unspoken blog rule... you know, like fight club.

  10. how cool that you get to go to the blogger brunch! I can totally relate to the anxiety from going to something alone, where you'll know no one.. but I can only imagine that there will be lots of other bloggers who don't know anyone either! Also, Melyssa seems like one of the nicest people in the world so I'm sure you'll feel plenty welcomed! I hope you have a blast!
    I can also really relate to the whole, waiting on a job, that could solve all the problems. It's so stressful when it's something that you don't really have any control over. Keep praying and staying positive!

  11. oh also... revolving sushi? Please explain...

  12. I'm so excited your going to that brunch!!! I wish I could go :-) Would love to meet all of you ladies.

  13. What great news for James and you guys! I'll keep my fingers crossed for this job! And only a month :-) I once had a procedure taking like 6 months only to come second, so frustrating.

    And how wonderful your mom bought you a ticket for the blogger's brunch. I'm sure you'll be ok and all those other bloggers will probably feel the same. Remember they are going there for the first time too! Hope you have a great time!

  14. thank you! man, six months would have killed me, I'm going crazy at just a month!

    my mom is really nice (and i think she REALLY wants to see me out making new friends), and I'm very grateful that she bought my ticket (we certainly didn't have the cash for it). i think i will be ok once i get there, but the thought of going there all by myself is whats getting to me.

  15. I'm really excited too! scared, but excited. i wish you could come too, id especially like to meet you!

  16. Thanks miss Codi. I'm trying this thing where I do cute things and stuff. But I think sometimes it might be a bit overboard or embarrassing. However, I think its good for her, and helps to lessen her anxiety.