Thursday, June 26, 2014

poverty luxe: coming soon to a craft fair near you! (assuming that youre near gardena, that is...)

so, i was hoping that id be able to jump right back into blogging at full speed with the "what is poverty luxe" series that ive been working on, but as you may or may not know (depending on how many social media outlets you follow me on), james has been working out of town for the past five weeks. 

five. weeks. 

and most of those weeks have included working on saturday, meaning, that for over a month now, i only have a husband at home on sundays. over half of which is spent at church and our new weekly trip to the revolving sushi restaurant and 99 cent store (which are conveniently right next to each other, thus proving that a low income, mostly asian neighborhood is the BEST PLACE EVER). so as you can probably imagine, writing a serious  series defining and explaining the somewhat abstract ethos of our lifestyle, well... thats not coming along as quickly as i had hoped. 

BUT! i do have some good news for you: (and also perhaps a handful of shorter, lighter posts both before and in between this new series):

poverty luxe (the brand) is officially booked for its first ever real life craft fair this summer!!!!!

the event is called CREATE 2014, and its happening on august 2nd, right here in gardena, you can read more about the event on their website, and i am so, SO excited to be a part of it (i seriously could NOT even make up a better jump back into the craft fair world!).

and since june has absolutely FLOWN by (mostly because of my exhausted and sleep-deprived state), i now have a little more than a month to prepare. which ordinarily would send me straight into panic mode, except that im already happy with the size of my inventory, so sewing more isnt necessarily a priority. 

i do have to make fabric labels and sew them into all my skirts though (does anyone know where i can get freezer paper around here?), make some signs, and build a clothing rack  (does anyone want to come over with some drills?. 

but i can do all that in a month, right? 

i really hope so, i mean, this booth is already paid for....

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  1. This is so exciting!! Also, I will someday soon write the guest blog for you!! PROMISE! I can't wait for James to be home so you can have some much needed husband time