Saturday, June 14, 2014

i just wanted you all to know im not dead or anything + refining my focus for poverty luxe.

you may have noticed that i havent been around in a long, long time. at least, i hope youve noticed. and i just wanted to let you know that no, im not dead, and no, this wasnt exactly intentional. 

well, the week and a half I took off in the beginning of May, that was intentional. but after that I was just burnt out from jamess school week and my finals happening at the same time and i just couldn't really get back into my normal blogging groove.

i had (and have) ideas. i made an editorial calendar for june. i just, didnt actually write anything new. 

at first this made me sad, because I missed blogging. then it made me fee guilty, because the unanswered emails and unfinished guest posts were piling up. then it made me feel anxious because after a few weeks, i started to REALLY worry about how i was supposed to catch up on all the life happenings and our family outings and little projects were working on and oh gosh they were piling up and how could i catch this all up and have it all make sense...

and then it hit me. 

i dont have to. im not going to. 

because I've done a lot of thought about this (just because i havent been writing doesnt mean that i havent been thinking about writing), and thats just not the kind of blog that i want this to be. 

i dont think i ever really intended this space to be a vanity project to keep everybody updated on all the little things we do in our daily life, because frankly, its not that interesting. we dont have an adorable and fascinating lifestyle blogger life and im totally cool with that. i have way too many diseases to be worried about being interesting. and im also not that into posting about our day to day life over and over every week, because were kind of in a season where home life is in a steady routine (most of the time), and i just cant write about the same stuff every week. i mean, if i dont even want to write about it, other people certainly dont want to read about it.

also were broke. so buying things/doing projects (which is like, 85 percent of typical lifestyle blogger content) are just not regular activities over here. i cant even pretend to be that kind of blogger. 

but none of that rambling is really relevant anyway because thats not my motivation for blogging anyway. 

working for jamberry, one of the things that gets talked about a lot is our "why", that is, the reason that we do what we do that makes us excited to do it. if we were talking about jamberry, my "why" would be that i need to be able to work from home so that i can be home with alice and finish fashion school and move on to be the independent fashion designer that ive wanted to be since i was a child. this is a highly motivating "why", and lo and behold its actually working. but i digress...

all this time ive been gone, ive been trying to nail down a solid "why" for this blog, because i feel like ive lost touch. i mean, i like posting outfits, and recipes, and projects, and outings and the like but none of that points to any particular theme or direction, and if i want to stay happy and motivated with this blog (and more importantly, for it to provide any kind of value for my readers), i have to rein it in quite a bit more than that. 

and i think maybe ive put my finger on it. it really all boils down to the name. that name that i get asked about all the time, that name that im constantly having to explain, the name that was once described by an old friend as "brilliantly evocative" (hi tom!). poverty luxe. 

so yeah, its a lifestyle blog, but its all about sharing the poverty luxe lifestyle. i want to share our ups and downs and tips and tricks and adventures and life lessons and weird quirks and how weve learned to love living the broke life.

why? because i want to educate, encourage, and maybe even inspire (even though i hate, hate the word inspire) all you folks out there, that even if youre broke, even if youre the kind of broke where this whole "paycheck to paycheck" thing that everybody complains about seems like an extravagant luxury (because trust me, weve spent a LOT of time as that kind of broke), you can still have an enjoyable life. right now if you wanted to. and that never ending always-out-of-money cycle? that can totally be broken, even without a magical increase in income (heck, we managed to do it with a constantly decreasing income). if we can do it, so can you. and im here to help. 

so, what exactly do i mean by poverty luxe? well, considering its kind of a long story and ive already been rambling for a very, very long time, ill talk about that next time. so stay tuned.

and since this was a long, boring post with no pictures, heres alice the last time we went to the beach:


  1. I don't think you need to fit into a theme beyond lifestyle. Lifestyle is your lifestyle, so it's broad. I don't feel like I fit in a category. I post military stuff, stuff about the kids, outings, a money saver here or there, but I rarely post recipes or crafts. It's not me. I don't worry about it and I post what I want. As long as it's me, then I don't care.

  2. I love how bluntly you say things. I literally laugh out loud sometimes while reading your posts and your tweets! Stay true to who you are, and your words will just flow through. I have maybe written 5 blog posts since I started my blog, and I haven't seen anyone yelling at me for it. I have only seen words of encouragement. I have no worries that anyone will deter you from you want this blog to grow. :) can't wait to read the follow up post!!!

  3. I'm having a total blogger identity crisis and haven't written since early May! Yikes! It's a good think we're our own bosses and can do what we please!