Monday, August 25, 2014

first day of school!

outfit details: 
shirt: target
glasses: zenni optical
phone case: the sorcerers phone

todays my first day of my first full semester of college since i was 19. yes, i did take classes last semester, but they were one unit, half semester classes, and it didnt always really feel like i was in school. it kind of felt like i just did a couple extra projects. 

this semester im taking three classes. three real classes. and to be completely honest, im nervous. 

yes, im only taking seven units, buts its spread over three completely different subjects. and these classes are long. two of them are five hours. the "short" one, is four hours. 

so im nervous about the workload, im nervous about the schedule, im nervous about keeping up with housework, meals, hobbies, work, and especially alice over the next four months. 

but im also excited. the classes im taking are pretty cool. ive got color theory on mondays, sewing on tuesdays, and fashion sketching on thursdays. two of the classes are with the teacher i had last semester, and i like her. ill make some cool projects, and maybe ill meet some new friends. 

but mainly im excited to make one more baby step toward living my dream, because thats what this whole ordeal is about, right? 

are you headed back to school this semester? how do you feel about it? excited? nervous? both? 

p.s. please notice my phone case. is it not fantastic? if youre into geeky things, (which, i mean, who ISNT?), be sure to check out my lady missy at the sorcerers phone. best. cases. ever. no, she did not pay me to say that and i bought my own case, i just wanted to draw attention to the fact that her shop is AWESOME. 


  1. wait, let's talk about that shirt. star wars muscle tees at target WHAT!? or did you cut it? in any case, i need it.

  2. Awesome!! You can do it! Best of luck!

    xo Denise

  3. thank you! tonights class was pretty fun, hope the rest of the week goes just as well!

  4. yes. its from target. it was $13. and i didnt even have to cut it.