Friday, September 5, 2014

cutting back on sponsorships.

like any blogger, i love the idea of getting to make money from blogging. and i love the idea of getting to help other bloggers and shop wonders even more. offering blog sponsorships seemed to be the best, most personalized way to do this. 

but, as you can imagine, its a lot of work. and for me, it can be really difficult to balance my sponsor features and normal posts and to tie them together so that this blog makes sense. some bloggers are really great at this. i am not one of them. im also not particularly great at staying on top of emails and scheduling and communication, and in an effort to try and cater to every possible scenario of somebody wanting to sponsor me, i made way too many different packages/options/prices/etc. and its just not working anymore. 

but thats not to say that im getting rid of sponsorships entirely. because i do want this blog to be an active part of the blogging community. i want to help and support other bloggers but i also want to protect myself from getting so burned out that i dont blog at all for two months again. because that was bad. 

so I'm cutting back the options. instead of like, fifteen, now there are two: 

large ad: $8- includes 250x250 sidebar banner, 4 (or more) social media shootouts, AND your own whole guest post! topics are all yours as long as it at least somewhat relates to the poverty luxe lifestyle and you can even do a solo giveaway as long as you furnish the prize and rafflecopter code. 

you can see more details (and updated stats) on my sponsor page

small ad: $3 (available for swap)- 125x250 banner, includes welcome post on twitter (to my almost 1000 followers), plus possible social media shootouts depending on content. 

and if you have an idea for a different way that we can work together, id love to hear it! shoot me an email at, ill probably say yes. 

bloggers: do you offer sponsorships? whats your #1 tip to balance sponsor/"real" content? 


  1. I'm in the exact same process of doing this on my personal site. I had too many options available and they required me to do too many things, and thus spending a lot more time managing the sponsorships than I liked. I'm learning to simplify all areas - including blog sponsorships. I hope it goes well for you!

  2. thank you! its a tough spot for sure, finding the right balance of offering sponsorships/not letting them rule your entire blog, but its necessary, i think.