Wednesday, July 1, 2015

life lately + our june goal progress.

its officially july now. we are over half way through this year. i am definitely having a baby this month. this is absolutely insane. 

im happy to say that besides the obvious and expected pregnancy junk (not being able to get us out of the house much, spending a lot of time at the doctors office, and totally botching fathers day), june has been a pretty pleasant month. it had its stressful times: the first half of the month james was either out of town working or working terribly late, which happened to be right in the middle of our apartment being all torn up and discombobulated as we finished some big home projects. but, as usual, things eventually smoothed out. 

while there isnt a whole lot of exciting things to report for june, it turned out to be a nice month, we got a lot done, had a lot of fun, and i think were all enjoying this little window of me not working/being in school and not having a newborn in the house yet. 

and what about those 2015 goals? heres where we are now: 

blog goals. 

all things here are going great! i made junes entire editorial calendar in advance, and didnt miss a single post! also, the rebrand is in full swing, and im really excited about everything that im working on (that im actually going to talk more about later because theres kind of a lot). 

shop goals. 

obviously, with the baby coming so soon, im kind of on a break here. but the blog rebrand is inspiring a bit of a shop rebrand also, and i have actually been working on the design portion of both the kids line and the womens tops. plus now that ive taken the time to get to know my new serger, im doing a LOT more sewing (which is awesome!). 

family goals. 

weve had to be a lot more careful in our planning, but (especially after james being gone so much) weve made taking alice out for family time a major priority, and its been really great. alice has also gotten REALLY curious about numbers and letters again, so im doing my best to get some kind of educational activity included in each day, even if its not formal "schooling". also, james and i did go on one last date (probably) before the baby comes. 

home goals. 

aside from hitting a bit of a snag with the crib that we ordered, our home goals for the year are basically done. we're done with the furniture, took another carload of stuff to goodwill, and have reached the point where were re-going through things and fine-tuning the organization of the apartment. 

financial goals. 

things here are kind of floppy-floppy. weve spent more time talking about our budget issues and figuring out what/where we can do better, so were making progress there, but since the busy season of work only JUST started, our savings account hasnt seen any growth (though, in retrospect, i should have made a more specific, incremental plan for the savings account). 

personal goals. 

im all registered for next semester (and im only taking one class, so i really hope getting good grades isnt an issue...) and doing surprisingly well with trying out new things in the kitchen (especially considering how pregnant/just wanting to eat frozen pizza i am these days). also, ive reached an official decision when it comes to jamberry: i wont be continuing my job as a consultant for much longer. obviously ill talk more about this decision (and the reasons behind it) later, and i will run one last party at catalog change (late august/early september), but for now i will say that while it wasnt an easy decision, it was one that needed to be made. 

so theres our goal progress for the month. did you make big goals for 2015? how are they going? 

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  1. I'm extremely impressed with you. You did lots of stuff while being ridiculously pregnant, taking care of a toddler almost entirely on your own, and your husband being gone a lot! That's amazing!

  2. thanks kate! i often look at other moms that do WAY more than i do and start to feel really inadequate, but then i realize they usually have more/older kids and probably have more helping hands on a daily basis...