Monday, June 29, 2015

the poverty luxe kitchen vol. 14: egg tacos.

funny story: ive never been one for "breakfast foods". like, at all. like, i only just learned to make eggs this year. im not joking. im also not a morning person at all so the idea of cooking breakfast in the morning has zero appeal to me. no joke, i basically ate overnight oats every single morning for an entire year. 

but then i got to the point of this pregnancy where im just starving all the time, and despite my aversion to cooking breakfast, i really needed to be starting the day with more protein. conveniently enough, this was right about the same time that my mom and brother would not stop raving about these egg tacos theyd been making just about every day. my mom described her recipe as a tortilla with an egg, mayonnaise, and tapatio, but obviously after trying them out i had to add my own improvements (which my brother will not stop complaining about). 

and yeah... these are basically perfect. theyre fast and easy and delicious and totally hit the spot when i need something a bit heartier in the morning (or, im just tired of/forgot to make more overnight oats). 

so heres what ive been eating for breakfast (and/or lunch...) most days: 

egg taco. 
(makes one taco)

heres what you need: 

2 corn tortillas (i like to double my tortillas but this isnt entirely necessary)
1 egg
mayonnaise (i like making these with chipotle lime aioli or japanese kewpie mayonnaise)
shredded cheese
salsa or hot sauce (i recommend the salsa autentica from trader joes)

heres what you do: 

toast the corn tortillas in a small frying pan until warm and soft, then spread with mayonnaise and sprinkle with cheese. 

fry the egg to your preference (i like mine over-medium), and place that in the tortillas. 

top with salsa or hot sauce. 

note: one taco will probably not be enough to satisfy you because they are just that good. ill admit that ive reached the point of making myself three most of the time...

what have you been eating for breakfast lately? id love to hear your breakfast favorites in the comments!

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