Friday, August 28, 2015

alice in wonderland nail art tutorial (a guest post by taylor of posh polish nails).

Hi everyone! It's Taylor again :) I am back to share another fun nail design with you! As I mentioned in my first post, I came up with this design thanks to Victoria's daughter Alice! Side note : Can I just say how awesome Alice is? From what I read in Victoria's tweets and posts, she is a hilarious little girl. Can a three year old be my role model? Anyways, back to the reason I am here :) Today's nails are inspired by Alice in Wonderland! I have been wanting to try this design out for a while, and I thought this was a perfect time to do it! So without further ado, here are my nails!

  Alice in Wonderland NailsJust like my previous design, I will give y'all a step by step tutorial for each nail! Let's get started!

Index finger (Alice):

Polishes used:

Sally Hansen - White on and Lemon Shark Orly - Liquid Vinyl The nude is a Bolivian polish :)


Start with a base of white. Paint a small portion of the tip with a nude polish. This doesn't have to be precise, you just need to make sure you have enough nude for her forehead. It is better to overdo it than not have enough because you will be covering up the excess in the next step! Using a yellow polish, paint two strokes above the nude, one to the right and one to the left. This will be Alice's hair. The next step is to outline her hair and add a bow, I recommend using a black polish for this step. Side note: I am awful at painting faces, which is why I chose to paint the top of her head instead of her face. Would you have guessed it was Alice? I was told it looked like a duck XD

Middle finger (Eat Me Tag):

Polishes used :

Loreal - Club Prive Sally Hansen - White on and Black Nail Art Pen And the grey is Bolivian :)


Start off with any color base, I chose Club Prive because I love teal/turquoise polishes. This next step is optional, so feel free to get creative on this one! I chose to add grey polka dots to the base of Club Prive. Want stripes instead? Or would you rather it be plain? Go for it! Next paint the base of the tag with a white polish. I don't know why I made mine so small, especially since it was the only thing on the nail. I recommend making it bigger to at least fill half the nail, because it makes the next step so much easier. Now it is time to add the writing, see why it would be easier to have a bigger tag? I used a nail art pen by Sally Hansen because I find it makes it so much easier to write with than a nail art brush. The final step is to outline the tag to make it stand out against the background!

Ring finger (Pocket Watch):

Polishes used:

Orly - Liquid Vinyl Sally Hansen - White on The grey and gold are Bolivian as well :)


Start off with a base of a dark color. I chose to use grey, but black or any other deep color would work. The next step is to paint the base of the watch. I recommend using a metallic color, as you can see I used gold. You can either use a nail brush or the polish brush to paint the base, use what is easier for you! Then using the same metallic polish and a dotting tool, add a big dot to the top of the watch, and slightly smaller dots to form a chain. The next step is to add smaller dots over the chain dots using your base color, to finish the chain. Using a white polish, paint the base of the face of the watch. The last step is to use a black polish to add all the small details, such as the hands of the clock.

Pinky (Cheshire Cat):

Polishes used :

Loreal - Hint of Lavender and Violette


This nail is the easiest of all the designs. Start with a light purple/pink base, whichever you have that is closest to the Cheshire Cat's lightest color. This next step can be done two different ways. The first is to hand paint the stripes using a nail art brush. The second way is to use nail striping tape, which is what I used. If you have the striping, I recommend using it because you will achieve much cleaner and precise stripes than simply hand painting them. But if you don't have tape, no worries! Hand painted will still look good :) I finished all of these designs by using NYC Matte Me Crazy top coat. I wanted a matte finish, but if you prefer shiny nails, you can use a regular top coat! It is all up to you! 

There you have it! What do you all think? If you recreate this mani, I would love to see! Tag me on Twitter or Instagram so I can see! I want to thank Victoria for letting me share not just one, but two design's with you all! I had a lot of fun putting these together, I hope you guys enjoyed them!

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