Monday, August 3, 2015

the poverty luxe kitchen vol. 19: homemade whipped cream

remember that thing about how i was bringing back old recipes from the dark ages of poverty luxe? well ive a good one for you today: homemade whipped cream. 

funny story time: when james and i first got married and i was FINALLY the household grown up in charge of buying groceries, one of my first executive decisions was to buy a can (or two, because it was almost always on sale buy one get one free) of whipped cream every single week because i was an adult, ok? obviously this didnt exactly last long as i realized that 1. even the "good" canned whipped cream is filled with gross chemicaley ingredients, 2. its super expensive and for the $5 i was spending on a topping i could buy the ingredients for an entire dinner, and 3. whipped cream really isnt that healthy and eating it (and whatever dessert it was on top of) every day was making me kind of fat. so the whipped cream habit kind of stopped, until my birthday came around and james got me the kitchenaid mixer that was the only thing on my wedding registry that i actually wanted and nobody got for us (that maybe i only asked him to buy for me every single day up until then). then it was homemade whipped cream all the time. ok well not all the time because heavy whipping cream is like, super expensive all the time and never goes on sale. 

but recently we started shopping mostly at costco than the regular grocery store (ill probably talk more about that later), and i found something particularly exciting in the dairy department: an entire quart of heavy whipping cream for $3.99. which means that now we have an option for whipped cream thats not only not chock full of chemicals and propellants, but also totally affordable (each batch costs just a tad over $1)! so now were back to homemade whipped cream all the time (also im nursing and not exactly rational in my dietary choices right now). 

a couple things though before we get into the recipe: 1. i make this in my kitchenaid stand mixer and its super easy, however, if you dont have one, you can also make it in a bowl with a hand mixer and that totally works too. 2. it is of the utmost importance that your tools AND your cream are thoroughly chilled before whipping (meaning, no you can not use those cute little 8 oz juice boxes of cream they sell at trader joes right when you get hime from the store) or you will end up with really weird butter (that actually isnt that bad on really sweet things like pancakes but since youre trying to make whipped cream its just disappointing). 

now with that out of the way, lets get to the recipe. 

whipped cream. 
(serves approximately 4 as a topping)

heres what you need: 

1 cup heavy whipping cream (chilled)
3 tablespoons powdered sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (i highly recommend the bourbon vanilla from trader joes)

heres what you do: 

chill your mixing bowl and whisk (or beaters if youre using a hand mixer) in the freezer for at least ten minutes. 

next, combine all three ingredients and whip on your mixers highest setting, watching closely and stopping immediately once it looks like whipped cream (approximately 2-3 minutes).

serve immediately, you can not save this for later. 

our favorite way to eat this whipped cream is on top of fresh fruit (especially during the summer), but, obviously, homemade whipped cream is an excellent addition to basically any dessert recipe. 

question: im currently working on some big, exciting content changes starting in september, and i want to know what kind of recipes YOU want to see here in the poverty luxe kitchen? more dinners? desserts? snacks? let me know in the comments!

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