Tuesday, April 23, 2013

my first ever outfit post. a work in progress.

if you dont remember my last post, i spent a long time rambling about my wardrobe and my ongoing quest to, for lack of a better term, fix it. i thought it might help me stay motivated if i started regularly posting my outfits, what i like/dont like about them, etc., so i decided i would start right away. the timing was perfect, because it was sunday, and ive been making more of an effort to dress nicer for church. but then we ran into some problems:
1. our apartment is tiny and crowded, so there wasnt anywhere to take pictures inside
2. the building we live in is laid out in a way that makes the lighting terrible. all the time, so the pictures we took in the morning were bad, and the pictures we took in the afternoon were equally as bad, just in a different way. 
and 3. im a super perfectionist control freak when it comes to photos, and i didnt have time to set up a tripod and use a timer, so james took all the pictures. and well, without getting too mean about it, ill just say that he lacks a trained eye when it comes to fashion photography. 

so out of something like 30 frames i didnt have anything i was happy with, and i considered just scrapping the whole idea, but then i reminded myself that ive only just started, both with my style improvements and this blog, and i have to start somewhere, and not let my perfectionism get in the way (for reference, i had been planning and researching this blog for nearly a year before i started actually posting). 

so heres what i wore to church on sunday:

top: h&m, skirt: vintage, socks: handmade, shoes: urban outfitters

i suppose ill start with what i like: 
1.my hair, i used this tutorial as inspiration. i know it seems silly to need a tutorial for such a simple hairstyle, but this is actually the first time in my life ive ever had long hair. it was VERY short through most of my teens, and i only just recently even learned how to curl it, so all the hair tutorials at a beautiful mess and skunkboy have been really helpful, and im looking forward to trying more. 
2. my makeup, though i feel like this is kind of cheating to say i like it because i do my makeup exactly the same every day. i got a new eyeshadow pallet for free at target last week, and im REALLY happy with it, which is good, because the one i was using is kind of falling apart. 
3. my top. i bought this during a recent shopping trip and (gasp!) paid full price for it, because i love it, its the exact kind of basic top i was in dire need of, and i had already gotten the rest of my list at WAY below budget. 
4. my shoes. those are some of my favorite dressy shoes, because theyre super comfy, cute, AND the yellow goes with almost everything i own. i also like wearing them because i bought them on our honeymoon, and i always laugh at how poorly we packed for that trip (we ended up doing a LOT of clothes shopping that week, somehow we BOTH forgot to bring flip flops and jeans). 

now for what i dont like:
1. my skirt. it really doesnt fit well anymore, and i dont know if the picture really shows it, but its pretty baggy around the hips, which didnt really work with a loose, flowy top. i LOVE the print and the length though, so pretty soon im going to take in the sides a little bit to make it a bit more flattering (and post a tutorial about it, because in my opinion, knowing how to alter thrift store clothes is ESSENTIAL to, well, not looking as poor as you are). 
2. my socks. i love those socks because i made them, but seeing them in the photos made me realize that socks + flats is a really bad look if youve got short legs like i do. so i wont be doing that again. 

so thats it. my first outfit post. now that ive done one, they dont seem nearly as intimidating. hopefully ill get better at this the more practice i get. 

of course immediately after taking the second set of pictures, we got changed and went to the beach. we had to, the weather was PERFECT (this is actually pretty rare in the south bay), AND we got to see a sea lion playing in the waves, a whole pod of dolphins just hanging out in the bay, and a whole bunch of little tiny sailboats! i mean seriously, how cute are these sailboats:

alice loves the beach, so she spent HOURS playing in the sand and even swimming for a little bit. at one point she even walked over to another group to go introduce herself to some other kids, i seriously have no idea how i ended up with such an outgoing child. later my sister joined us with the kids that she nannies, and all the kids got stickers from a lifeguard (i knew about fireman stickers, but apparently lifeguards have them too). it was seriously THE most perfect beach day, especially for it still being april. 

alice WAS pretty upset with us when it was time to go, but since the weather is finally starting to warm up, we can start going to the beach more often soon. honestly i much prefer the beach to the park. 

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