Wednesday, April 17, 2013

productivity. an off day. and popsicles.

if you follow me on instagram (if you dont, youre more than welcome to, im @wifeofmeyers), you may have noticed that im on my fourth week of getting all of my to-do lists for the week completely crossed out. now if you know me personally, you would know that this is kind of a big deal because im not a naturally organized person. at all. in order to get ANYTHING done in this house i have to make lists (lots of them), keep a REALLY tidy datebook, and have designated days of the week for certain chores and errands (you can see what i do about groceries here). did i mention that this doesnt really come naturally? just keeping myself on track requires constant attention that borders on obsession, but what i lack in natural organizing skills, i certainly make up for in with intense satisfaction from crossing things off lists, so this is usually a pretty motivating way of doing things. 

and this was working perfectly for over three weeks. until yesterday, when i had very grandiose plans of going to the torrance farmers market, having lunch at my moms, and writing a blog post about it during naptime, and maybe doing a couple other chores. instead, alice decided to take a very short nap and spent the entire afternoon/evening in a very foul mood, i didnt pay enough attention to my photos of the market and they came out crappy, and james got home from work roughly three hours later than usual. 

needless to say i was not in a good mood at the end of the day, and that sort of carried over to this morning, which would have been bad enough simply starting with an unfinished list, but i also needed to wash my hair (im sure this sounds completely ridiculous to 99% of people, but i have very thick, very bleached, nearly waist length hair that takes roughly an hour to wash and dry in a manner that doesnt look terrible). on wednesday. which meant i had to do it in the morning before alice woke up because wednesday night is when i buy groceries. 

wednesday isnt only grocery day anymore though, i recently started taking alice to storytime at the lomita library, partly because i enjoy torturing myself and partly because somebody needs to be that mom with the uncontrollable toddler that prefers toys and running around to stories and songs (really, its great, alice loves it and theres LOTS of kids her age, im not actually complaining, shes just, really not into group activities). now storytime is at 10, which means theoretically we can get home by 11:30 and alice will be hungry, so i can feed her lunch and then put her down for a long nap, at home. alice had other ideas, and fell asleep the second we got in the car. and alice is a one nap a day baby. so if she sleeps for 15 minutes in the car, then thats all i get. and i had yet to do even a single chore. today was just not my day. 

so i spent the afternoon trying to get my work done with a cranky, surly, probably teething toddler that missed her nap. and it turned out just fine. just when i thought the day was completely lost, i remembered that we had popsicles.

apparently thats exactly what the two of us needed. after popsicles today turned out great, we had a nice little treat, and after we cleaned that up, alice got to watch "princess" (actually alice in wonderland, not sure how she put that together) while i did as many chores as possible, and then we took another break to play until it was time for me to cook dinner. james got home at a normal hour and after dinner i went to the grocery store by myself and came home to a sleeping alice! now everyones happy and the to-do lists are all caught up. 

so there you have it. the secret to successful parenting is popsicles. (and before you get all judgy about me giving my toddler a popsicle, i feel like i need to disclaimer that that is a homemade popsicle consisting solely of berries and vanilla yogurt). 

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