Saturday, April 20, 2013

my style. or lack thereof.

when i started this blog i had promised myself that i would post frequently and consistently. for two reasons:  one, so people might actually enjoy reading it, and 2, as a sort of creative challenge because, frankly, ive let myself become REALLY boring and uninteresting. ive actually been putting off writing this post because i had hit somewhat of a creative block and couldnt really come up with anything original and relevant to write about. 

and then it kind of clicked that thats EXACTLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT MY WARDROBE. see, after getting married we lived in a boring town on top of a mountain in arizona where i didnt have any friends and didnt have anything to do and the weather was never appropriate for any of my favorite garments, and i really let it get to me. there was absolutely no reason to try and look attractive, so i just gave up. with the exception of a few absolutely necessary  maternity pieces, i bought NO new clothes the entire time we lived there. and this is kind of a big deal because, believe it or not, i used to run a small and not entirely failed independent clothing label. also, my bedroom at my parents house looked like a store i had so many clothes. 

after alice was born i swore i would try harder, but she was a very intense, needy, and ALWAYS hungry baby, so that didnt last. then we moved back to la and i swore id stick to it this time but i was still stuck in the nursing-tank-and-one-pair-of-jeans-that-fits-oh-and-that-one-nice-shirt-for-church uniform and i gave up again. then, when we were finally settled in our new home and things were mellowing out and i was ready to start re-building my wardrobe, i lost ten pounds. 

suddenly, for no apparent reason, i was back to my HIGH SCHOOL weight. with a wardrobe that basically consisted of a) stretched out, threadbare, non-maternity clothes that i just wore anyways through my pregnancy because i refused to buy ugly maternity clothes, b) the handful of ill-fitting thrift store pieces i bought in prescott, c) garments purchased after the age of 20 that are now a size too big (i got rid of all my "skinny" clothes shortly after alice was born) and d) a handful of nursing-appropriate shirts that i am absolutely sick of looking at. 

hardly any of it fits, and none of it matches. and i was about to give up again. 

but i didnt. 

i actually recently made a commitment to dress nicer, wear makeup and cute shoes, style my hair occasionally, and stop being what my sister calls, "an ugly mom". 

its still a work in progress, but its actually working. i recently cleared out all the ugly, ill-fitting-mismatched junk from my closet, and (with a $100 budget, no less) filled in some major wardrobe voids (little black dress, non-denim pants, dressy shirts with no buttons, etc), and have been working on building a more cohesive, grown-up look for myself. its been fun, but im starting to lose steam, so ive decided that re-building my wardrobe will be a new recurring topic over here. 

so stay tuned for more ramblings, outfit photos, shopping stories, and the like. i hope youll enjoy going through this with me. 

(p.s. the picture at the top is me and alice on easter, and i really only put that there so i could draw attention to alices dress. because i made it.)

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