Thursday, May 1, 2014

may call for sponsors + i want to help you grow your business!

outfit details:

top: h&m
skirt: knitted dove (bought at a sample sale, similar)
shoes: urban outfitters (old)
glasses: zenni optical
nails: jamberry in reminisce (matte) and snapshot

this is what i wore for jamess birthday dinner date. its a skirt ive had for a while, with a pretty basic top, and some very old shoes. basically a fancier version of every outfit i ever wear. it needed something. like this adorable chunky necklace from hole in her stocking designs. i mean, if you havent noticed, black and white is kind of my jam, but the yellow bows TOTALLY keep this necklace from being too basic, if you know what i mean. i love it. you can get your own here!

and this necklace, it totally helped me figure out something really important about what i have to offer here on poverty luxe:

see, lately ive been giving a lot of thought to the direction this little blog is headed in. generally, i feel pretty accomplished as far as things like finding my niche (healthy, crafty, environmentally conscious living on a nonexistent budget), developing my content, finding my "blogging voice" (which is apparently a LOT less annoying than my "talking voice") making connections, building a platform, etc. heck, ive even planted the seeds for diversified passive income streams (which are all words that i didnt even know existed when i started doing this a year ago). 

but, lately my mind has been consumed with finding the answer to this question: now that i have this (albeit, microscopic) platform, what exactly do i want to do with it?

i mean, yeah i still want to use this blog to share my endeavors on trying to make a healthy, comfortable, enjoyable lifestyle on whatever little money we have, and if i can help or encourage or inspire others to do the same for themselves, then thats great. (and if i can maybe make you laugh a little too, then mission accomplished). 

but, what exactly can i do to you know, help spread the word about other cool folks, while still helping to financially justify how much time and effort i put into this little project (that was, ahem, supposed to be secondary to the etsy shop)? sponsorships, right?

now, dont get me wrong, i LOVE using this space to share and show off all of the wonderful blogger ladies that ive met since i started doing sponsorships, but you know who i really want to help? small business and etsy shop owners. 

and the typical banner ad/feature type deal doesnt seem to serve small businesses as well as it serves bloggers. 

so, I've added a few new sponsorship options specifically tailored to small businesses/etsy shop owners. you can read more about the details for each option on my sponsorship page, but theres one option in particular that i want to highlight, because i have jenny from dancin with a dolly to thank for it. 

see, that necklace that i talked about earlier? jenny and i did a review swap (you can read her review of my scarf here), where we each sent each other an item from our shops and reviewed them on our blogs. it was a really, really fun way for two small businesses to support each other, and its something that i would LOVE to continue offering on poverty luxe!

and what about the other options, you ask? well, theres a full brand/shop feature (which includes a weekday solo post, review, giveaway, and social media love), a product review only (thats completely free if we set up a swap), and if you just want to send an item to be included in an outfit post, you can do that too. maybe thats a lot of options, but i also REALLY want to offer affordable options for small businesses to get the word out. 

hope youre having a great week so far!


  1. I'm so impressed by all your growth that's been happening with you in the last year, not only with your blog but also with joannes and jamberry and everything. I'm so excited to see what the next year will be like!

  2. Dance With A DollyMay 1, 2014 at 4:31 PM

    Ahhh!! I love the necklace on you! It looks great and I love the outfit and way you styled it!! And I am glad you liked the Etsy review swap idea. I had so much fun doing it with you! =)

  3. thank you, i LOVE it so much, I've worn it almost every day since i got it! and thanks again for doing the swap, it was SUCH a fun way to spread the word about new etsy shops!

  4. aw, thanks allie! after a few years with lots of bad changes im definitely happy to have moved on to a season of good changes, hopefully this next year will be even better.

  5. Hmm, I may be interested in doing a review swap! Let me just check with my partner. But I am definitely looking at your sponsor options :)

    p.s. I'm jealous of how cute you always look!!!

  6. got your email! hopefully tomorrow after catching up on sleep (i had to be up at 4:45 all week) i can compose a coherent email and we can work out details!

    p.s. aw, shucks! i dont USUALLY look that cute...