Tuesday, May 27, 2014

meet the sponsors: may edition.

can you believe that may's almost over? i mean really. 

obviously, i havent been around much, because, well, things have been kind of insane (but good insane!), id like to talk more about that right now, BUT now is not the time for that. 

now is the time for you to meet mays sponsor ladies! 

first up we have the ever lovely laura of side street style

We are a creative couple who are enjoying life as parents to a cool little dude. We love to travel, explore new places and the outdoors, eat good food, try new things and indulge in our passion for fashion and interiors. John is a bearded man and barber while Laura is an expat South African living in Wales. The blog is their little space on the big ol' internet, so come over and say hi

and next we have the amazing carrie ann of little big (who i still CAN NOT believe is sponsoring little old me, but thats beside the point):

Hi there, my name is Carrie Anne Castillo. I used to be a librarian, but these days I have adventures with my punk pixie of a 5-year-old, Isobel, and my newborn son, Elias. My evenings are spent in nerdy pursuits with my husband. There is nothing I love more than a questionable thrift store filled with cheap treasure, or an estate sale featuring the sign “selling entire contents of home.” I inherited a strong love of the absurd and ridiculous from my father. My husband describes my swearing as “nautical.” I am deeply irreverent.
Little Big is my daily journal about stylish, thrifted living, creative domesticity, and making the most with what you have. Here I share practical applications of thrifted living, favorite recipes, my adventures and projects, vintage thrifted inspiration, and snapshots of our daily life. It's nice to meet you.

since our theme for may is "out", our discussion question for the month is: "how do you create a memorable family outing?". heres how everybody answered: 

laura: just be open to any kind of adventure - the best memories we have are often the ones that have been unplanned. Don't take life too seriously, have fun and laugh a lot, this is usually a good recipe for any family outing.

carrie anne: What makes a family outing memorable is imagination and curiosity. Fortunately for us, they are free and we have them in abundance. For example, we were lucky enough to be invited to go sailing with my inlaws, and Isobel was really into pirates at the time, so we called the sail boat Grandpa's pirate ship and he created a treasure map for Isobel. A walk around the neighborhood or trip to the zoo  becomes a safari when we bring binoculars, a magnifying glass, and a safari hat. Someday the kids will outgrow our games, but I hope we can keep the sense of fun and adventure as they get older. 

me: Always be on the lookout for the opportunity to learn something new, youd be surprised at how interesting and educational a simple trip to the beach can be, and dont be afraid to take your time to really enjoy your outing without pressuring yourself (and everyone else) to see ALL THE THINGS. its better to soak in and enjoy half of the museum than rush through the whole thing, not learning anything and making everyone miserable. 

now that weve answered, i want to know what you think: how do YOU create memorable family outings?

(and dont forget to check out/follow laura and carrie annes blogs! you wont regret it!)

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