Tuesday, May 20, 2014

bat's day at the fun park (a family outfit post)

my outfit details: 

top: h&m
skirt: vintage
boots: hand me down
glasses: zenni optical

alices outfit details: 

top: vintage
leggings: gift 
shoes: gift (but i think they were from kohl's)

jamess outfit details:
shirt: gift 
vest: vintage
pants: h&m
shoes: vintage
pocketwatch: vintage
bow tie: handmade (by me!)

so, two thirds of the way through may, i think ive finally settled on a theme: "out". so far, may has been a great time for out. out with all our old junk (we had our first family yard sale on saturday), time out with friends and family (we were gone something like six of the last seven evenings), and now that my semester is over, lots of time for family outings (like the beach and disneyland). 

which brings us to todays topic: sunday was bats day at the fun park, and, if you know me, theme days at disneyland are my jam (i mean, dapper day, anyone?). now, obviously the three of us arent exactly involved in the goth community, so in order to not be, you know dressing in costume and effectively mocking an entire subculture, we went with a more victorian-influenced theme for our outfits. which was fairly easy for james and i because the vast majority of my clothes are black or some combination of black and white, and jamess typical fancy attire involves a vest and pocket watch anyway. we werent sure what to do with alice though. until we found that PERFECT vintage top in a random bag of orphan hand-me-downs at my moms garage sale. 

now, i had wanted to go to bats day again ever since james and i accidentally went last year (which was also on cinco de mayo, there was an interesting crowd that day), and we have ALL been waiting for my semester to end so we could have a REAL, ALL DAY disneyland day with lunch and treats and souvenirs and all that. 

which we did get, except, it was the crowdedest day ive probably ever seen in all my years of going to disneyland. were talking, going through sections of the upstairs line on the jungle cruise that i didnt even know EXISTED crowded. so there wasnt a lot of ride riding, and a big chunk of the day was spent at big thunder ranch, which i dont mind at all because its NEVER crowded and alice loves the goats and things like this happen:

it was crowded, it was hot, apparently pizza port stopped giving free refills, and my corset almost made me pull an elizabeth swan (its a real, steel boned waist training corset), but i cant say it was a bad day, because we did get the long day at disneyland weve been waiting for all semester, and somebody really needed a break from all the homework and cleaning and furniture moving:

 (obviously, that somebody is alice)


  1. You guys all look adorable, but that photo of Alice curtsying is just the best.

    Would you like to know a secret? I've never really been to Disneyland.

  2. Oh my goodness gracious, that photo of your little Alice curtsying is PRECIOUS!

    aka Bailey

  3. isnt that hilarious? she learned to curtsy when she was like one and a half (from watching alice in wonderland), and now she does it ALL THE TIME. i die every time.

  4. aw, thanks!

    really?!?! well, you should probably do something about that....

  5. The fact that she learned it from Alice in Wonderland just makes it all the more charming! And as a random/fun Alicey add-on, I wonder if you and your little Alice would like this remix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQuqeLBTetA

  6. This makes me want to move to California or Florida so I can be close to Disney!