Tuesday, May 6, 2014

quick west coast getaways. a guest post by casey of true colors.

(hey everyone! this week is school week for james and things are a little crazy and sleep deprived over here, so casey from true colors has been so kind as to take over for the day, hope you enjoy her visit!)

Hi Poverty Luxe Readers!  I’m Casey from True Colours and I’m so excited to be guest posting here today!  My blog is mainly travel focused and while my husband and I do jet off to exotic locations a couple times a year, the majority of our travels try to incorporate places near to us.  Based in Portland, Oregon, we try to take advantage of those places on the West Coast and in our neighboring States as often as we can.  We have such beauty all around us in our own country that often times, it’s important to open our eyes and take in the amazing places that are near to us to create our own adventures without expensive trip costs or lots of vacation days!

Many people don’t realize how close you might be to destinations that can be quick and easy getaways based on your geography.  The US definitely has many different spots to see and experience that could be less than a 6 hour flight from you and easier on the wallet too.  Since I’m based on the West Coast of the US, I thought I’d share my favorite spots for a quick getaway on this side of the country.  We are really lucky with some amazing destinations just a short car ride or plane trip away and here are some of my favorites.

Obviously my hometown should make this list, as Portland is an up and coming tourist spot.   Believe me, I’ve noticed a huge influx of visitors to my city in the past few years and due to the fact that Portland seems to be in every travel magazine as of late, my city is quickly becoming a favorite of many.  We have amazing restaurants, low prices compared to most big cities and a cool hipster vibe along with clear NW air.  We have mountains, beach and forests all within an hour of downtown Portland and everything in the city is walkable.  Just a quick 1-2 hour flight from basically anywhere along the West Coast and an amazing airport, Portland is always a great long weekend destination.

The heart of the Pacific NW, Seattle is a city that is easy to get to from anywhere on the West Coast.  All major airlines fly into Seattle and a weekend trip to this beautiful city on the Pugent Sound will transport you to clear air and a crisp breeze.  With great shopping, relatively low prices and landmarks like the Space Needle, Seattle is a perfect stop for a few days.

While most people think that Hawaii is a lot further than it is, it’s really only a quick 5-6 hour flight from most West Coast destinations.  I frequent the Islands a lot for work and I’ve had my fair share of quick trips over there (including some flying over one day and back to Portland the next) so I know that you can cover a lot of ground in Hawaii in just a few days.  And the way most West Coast direct flights are from the mainland, you can leave in the morning and be on a beach by 2 in the afternoon.  It also makes your trip a lot cheaper if you only have to pay for a few nights hotels in the tourist trap prices of Hawaii.  A long weekend is easily doable to Hawaii from the West Coast and a quick escape.

Within an hour or so drive from both Sacramento and San Francisco, the Napa Valley can offer a great long weekend destination.  With wineries and fantastic restaurants, this area of Northern California can be relaxing and indulging, perfect for a quick escape from reality.  Rent a car and drive around the area, taking in the gorgeous vineyards for miles and you’ll feel relaxed and intoxicated in the beauty of this part of the State.

Next time you’re looking for a spot to escape to for a long weekend on the West Coast, remember that there are plenty of spots to explore and escape to only a short flight or car ride away!


  1. All of these places are beautiful! Napa and Portland are next on my list. ;)

  2. my best friend lives in portland, and seattle is probably my favorite city I've ever visited, so now I'm totally dreaming up a road trip up the coast!