Wednesday, June 3, 2015

life lately + our may goal progress.

is it really june? are we really almost halfway through this year? it cant be, can it? the calendar says it is, so it must be true. it seems like i just wrote the last life lately post but here we are again, checking in on how things went in may. 

i have to be completely honest here: may was a rough month all around. im going to blame this mainly on pregnancy and that ive reached the point where everything is too hard. im tired, im hungry, im swollen, everything hurts, generally speaking i feel like crap and cant do much of anything. plus, you know, i still have a life and family to take care of. and well, there has been a lot to take care of this month: the semester ended and (of course) james was sent out of town the week of my finals. the following week james had school and no one to carpool with so alice and i spent five days waking up at 5 and spending way too much time in the car. i have a lot of doctor appointments to go to these days and alice has just about had it with going with me to doctor appointments. 

thats not to say may didnt have its moments, i mean, the semester is over, and (especially in the last week or so) weve had some great opportunities to have fun with all sorts of family and friends. may wasnt a bad month, it was just a hard month. a hard month that just didnt feel productive, especially where our long-term goals were concerned. actually, in a lot of ways, i felt like this month was really counterproductive in a lot of areas, but after looking over our main goals for the year (you know, the big goals revolving around my "word for the year", focus), we didnt really do so bad. we just had our struggles, but, i guess thats just how it goes when you make big long term goals rather then mile long to-do lists. and i mean, not every month can be april, can it? 

so how are things progressing? 

blog goals: 

aside from missing a few posts in the beginning of may due to finals/james working out of town, ive been doing much better with content, planning, and working in advance. ive also even been able to move beyond stronger branding in my content to working on stronger branding in my branding. so far ive done major updates on my social media pages (you can check them out on Facebooktwitter, and instagram), and if you havent noticed, the new site design is live (thanks chrissy!). so may was a good month for blogging. 

shop goals. 

unfortunately, may was not a good month for the shop. being exhausted and feeling poopy all the time (coupled with having a lot to take care of) resulted in: 1. missing the application dates for the two craft fairs i wanted to do in june, 2. not even touching my new serger to make new product of any kind. on the bright side though, i have a very nice list of projects to work on eventually. 

family goals. 

james and i actually got another date, two months in a row! and while our idea of "family time" has had to shift as my size/energy levels continue to get in the way, weve had some good times as we try to adjust to end of pregnancy/having a newborn type family activities, like ice cream dates and long afternoons at costco so i dont have to go to the grocery store every week. i havent had much energy to work on anything "formal" with alice at all, but weve been talking more about letter sounds and numbers and suddenly shes very curious about math and science, so, in a way, shes gotten a whole lot more serious about homeschooling herself as i find the answers to all her questions. 

home goals. 

i honestly wanted to mark this one up as a huge fail because were having some major trouble getting our old dressers sold so that we can get the new dressers/baby furniture in, but then i realized that wasnt even part of our original goal plan for the year. weve got the living room fixed up, the new bed all taken care of, AND were getting really close to running out of stuff to go through/get rid of (have i mentioned that there are entirely empty shelves in some parts of the apartment? its glorious). so home goals are actually going great. 

financial goals. 

ok, this is another spot where were struggling: not only is jamess income just not consistent enough right now to get on a good "budget plan", but were also in a weird transition of figuring this out with me not being able to do a lot of what i normally do to keep expenses down, as well as anticipating the changes well face as a family of four. also, while our savings account has been holding steady for a while, its about to take a hit as there are some bigger (totally necessary) baby-related expenses coming. on the bright side, we have tried a lot harder this month to break the bad spending habits wed fallen into, so the spending side of things is getting better. 

personal goals. 

ive already mentioned that the semester ended, but i didnt mention that the grades HAVE been posted and i did get a 4.0 again this semester! ive also been way more adventurous in the kitchen, and actually made a legitimate part-time income with jamberry in may (though, its permanence as my part-time job is still in question). 

so, long story short: may was hard. may was not a big exciting month for goal progress. but progress was made, and were ready to make more baby steps next month. 

did you make yearly goals for 2015? how are they going so far? 

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  1. Nice that you could finish college with the higher GPA =) I wish that june can be a better month for you and your family. I need to get some inspiration to work hard on my goals. We are in the middle of the year and I feel like I did nothing for the past 6