Wednesday, January 27, 2016

10 ways to declutter in five minutes or less.

one of the reasons it took us so unnecessarily long to get onto the minimalism wagon is that i thought we just didnt have the time to do it. i thought the only way to really clear out our home was to do a giant, sweeping purge of the whole hose all at once which was obviously so overwhelming and terrifying so i never bothered to do it. 

well, these days im a lot older and wiser and more experienced in the field of decluttering. and one of the most important lessons ive learned through this whole thing is that you totally can make a huge difference in a small amount of time (especially if youre consistent about it). in fact, small, frequent purges are probably more effective than big drastic ones because they make decluttering a habit, rather than a single event. 

and it really doesnt have to take much time at all. i mean, there are tons of ways to take baby steps toward simplifying your life that take literally less than five minutes. and we all have five minutes, right? 

in five minutes you could: 

clean off one shelf. 

clean out one drawer. 

unsubscribe from 10 email lists. 

unfollow 10 social media accounts. 

set a timer and delete files from your phone of computer. 

toss expired foods/medicines. 

fill up one box/bag of junk. 

throw out old mail. 

toss empty/unsued bath + body products. 

clean out your purse/wallet/planner. 

see, these small steps are totally fast and easy (and i made sure to include some that help combat the "other" kinds of clutter that are just as problematic as junk) . while they may not seem like they accomplished a whole lot at first, over time enough baby steps will start to turn into big changes. 

how do you like to do some quick decluttering? 

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