Tuesday, January 5, 2016

what the poverty luxe lifestyle is all about.

speaking of fresh starts, this year im going to finally do something that ive always said i was going to do but never did because i was afraid: 

im going to start writing about money. yeah, this is totally one of the main reasons i started blogging and for various reasons ive just never been able to commit to it. i mean, im not a professional, i have a different perspective on things, and people just get so weird and judgy about money. but you know what? this are totally all reasons i SHOULD be writing about money! there NEEDS to be a voice out there from a real regular person who has something to offer thats NOT the same old stuff on every other personal finance blog and whos NOT going to get all weird and judgy about things. 

so yeah, i write about money now. but before i get started, I'm going to steal an idea from one of my internet bestie raewyn and break down exactly what this whole poverty luxe thing is all about: 

knowing where your money goes. regardless of how much (or how little) money you have, if youre not in control of it, you will always feel like theres never enough. 

not waiting for "someday" to make a life you love. unless you literally win the lottery, your dream life is not just going to materialize one day, you have to work for it. but the good news is you can probably take steps to work toward it now. 

knowing your priorities and making things happen. whatever it is that you love (a big house, great food, travel, fancy clothes), know what is important to you so that you can spend less on whats not important to you. 

not worrying what everyone else is doing. keeping up with the joneses (or whoever) when youre not into it is just going to drain you mentally, emotionally, and especially financially. just because other people have something doesnt mean you do too. 

focusing on quality over quantity. just because youre broke, doesnt mean you have to only buy junk. you can totally buy nice things, just, a lot less of them. 

thinking about the long term. sometimes youve gotta spend more now to save money later, and sometimes you need a cheap, temporary fix. its all about whats going to cost the least in the long term. 

keeping things simple. saving money should not be a full time job. 

learning to be happy where you are. im not going to lie, being broke really sucks sometimes. but generally speaking, it only sucks as much as you make it suck. 

over these next few week, I'm going to be sharing all the different lessons weve learned over the years so that everyone can learn to love living the broke life. i mean, if we can do it...

what are your money questions? what do you want to learn about the poverty luxe lifestyle? im still planning posts, so ill be able to answer soon!

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