Thursday, January 7, 2016

healthy eating on a budget. (a new series)

continuing my theme of introducing new topics that are really just things ive been wanting to blog about all along, today im starting another new series: healthy eating on a budget. 

this is a topic thats particularly near and dear to my heart, because feeding my family good food (and by good i mean healthy AND tasty) on as little as possible is kind of my deal. people complain about how much food costs and how poor people have to live on ramen noodles because they cant afford vegetables and trying to save money on groceries is just too much work im just like "hold up, absolutely none of that is true, because if it was, i wouldnt have been able to get a weeks worth of pescetarian, gluten free groceries for a family of four at sprouts with no coupons for literally $50*" (*actual real thing i did literally yesterday). if this were my little pony, id have one heck of a grocery shopping cutie mark. 

also, i felt like if i was going to jump back into blogging, i needed to tackle this topic. why? because theres a lot of "frugal living" advice thats just not practical, and theres a lot of "healthy living" advice thats just not affordable. somebody needs to find the balance between the two. that somebody is me. 

obviously i didnt just wake up one day go from being broke and eating junk all the time (true story) to eating super clean on practically nothing, its actually taken a lot of trial and error to get to where i am now (and im still learning!). and to hopefully save some folks out there from a lot of the frustration ive experienced in trying to get in control of our grocery spending (while still eating well, this part is just as important!) im going to start sharing (every thursday) lots of practical tips for eating healthier, saving money on groceries, saving money on healthy groceries, and not going insane while saving money on healthy groceries. 

because its totally doable. its not even hard. and im totally going to walk you through it step by step with simple, actionable tips to help you eat healthier and save money while you do it. oh, and the best part? i dont have some big complicated system that you have to do just like me in order to get results, i know this is real life and everybody has different needs and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to healthy eating on a budget. so im going to break it down into tiny little pieces so that you can pick what works for you and just ignore what doesnt. how does that sound? are we excited? i know i am!

what are your questions about healthy eating on a budget? ask in the comments and ill do my best to answer in a future post! 

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