Monday, January 11, 2016

why we use essential oils.

its been nearly two years since i started using essential oils. at first it was a thing i bought for myself as a tax refund splurge to see if i could help alice with her allergies without giving her benadryl every day and if maybe i could get a little relief from my fibromyalgia symptoms. these oils turned out to be a total game changer in the meyers house, and quickly went from being my weird experiment to something all of us use every day. 

over the past two years I've gotten a lot of questions about essential oils: what they are, what they do, what we do with them, etc. I've wanted to do a series on essential oils for a long time now, but since I'm not an oil "expert" i felt like there wasnt anything i could post that hadnt already been done better somewhere else. but i still want to share, like, recipes and stuff, so before i get into that, heres a little bit of background about essential oils: 

what are essential oils? 

short answer: essential oils are the natural oils distilled from plants that are used (and have been used) for a variety of purposes ranging from fragrance to medicines. 

where do i get them? 

i get my oils from doterra.  (transparency alert: while i am very much not in the business of selling oils, i am technically a doterra wellness advocate and any purchases made through any links in this post would, in theory, earn me a commission). 

how are essential oils used? 

all kinds of ways! i think most of us associate essential oils with being used in a diffuser for aromatherapy (which we do) but there are totally other ways to use them too, including, but not limited to: topically, in DIY projects, and in cooking. 

why do we use them? 

we use essential oils as a natural complement to traditional medicine, mainly to help with minor illnesses and injuries to avoid unnecessary doctor appointments and medications. (i feel like its really important to emphasize that essential oils are only part of how we take care of our family: we do vaccinate/go to the dr/etc., but for normal, every day complaints like heartburn/headaches/trouble sleeping, we use essential oils)

obviously, the decision to use essential oils is a personal one, and (like all decisions involving your familys health) one that should be taken very seriously. im not here to convince you to use essential oils or sign you up to sell them (though, as i mentioned earlier, i am technically a doterra wellness advocate and could assist you if you so desired). i just want to share how we use them and figured that before we start on that a little bit of background would be appropriate. 

do you use essential oils? if not, what questions do you have about them? 

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