Tuesday, July 23, 2013

and were back. sort of.

as you may have noticed (at least, i hope you noticed...), i have been absent for what feels like a very long time. this is because last friday our apartment flooded and we had to spend a grueling TEN days (as our landlord put it) "camping" in a studio apartment while they fixed the plumbing and replaced the damaged flooring (which was all of it). by the way, "camping" is a very nice but inaccurate word for what we actually did, which was trip over a giant pile of boxes while avoiding having to spend any time at home because this is what "home" looked like: 

obviously this has put me VERY behind in my blog schedule (i actually had several exciting posts planned for last week), so im going to do my very best to try and catch up now that were back in our regular apartment. but since im really supposed to be using todays naptime for cleaning and organizing i thought id just update you guys on this whole flooding situation.

first, the bad news:

1. ALL of the flooring in our apartment was flooded by a major plumbing issue that the building manager has been ignoring for a very long time.

2. management was NOT interested in fixing the long-term problem or replacing our gross flooded carpet (i feel that i should also add that they were flooded about a year ago with a previous manager who flat out REFUSED any kind of help cleaning it up, which i realize now was totally illegal).

3. as a result we had to spend a LOT of time fighting with the management to get both the plumbing and the floor taken care of.

4. and thus had to "camp" in the studio basically indefinitely while management jerked us around about what they were going to do for us and when.

and 5. i may or may not have had several major emotional meltdowns due to having my ENTIRE WEEK (and then some) of routines and meal plans all discombobulated and unorganized.

and now, the good news:

1. EVERYTHINGS FIXED!!!  well, except the bathroom sink which had to be ripped out and then got re-installed wrong but thats supposed to be taken care of today.

2. all our fighting with the management payed off. we got all new floors (that are even better than the old ones) and a discount on rent for the work we missed and the time in the studio.

3. the studio was tiny and hot and miserable and didnt have internet so we spend a lot more time out doing activities together as a family, and that was really nice (stay tuned for a post of all the fun things we did while we didnt have internet)

4. despite having my meal plan VERY MUCH interrupted, and a barely functional kitchen space, i still managed to make us some nice dinners at home (also stay tuned for a post about that).

and 5. i have come to the definitive conclusion that we own way, way, WAY too much stuff. way too much. i realized that its not our apartment thats too small, its that weve got too much stuff in it. we have three people living in a one-bedroom apartment and im still pretty sure we could do without at least half of what we have. so if anything this whole ordeal has been a BIG motivation in purging/organizing the house. also if you want to come over and see if we have anything you like, ill probably let you have it.

so that was our latest adventure, how was your week? anything crazy happen?


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