Sunday, July 14, 2013

hey folks, just a quick update.

im not going to be around much for a while. dont worry, it's nothing bad, and ill be back eventually, i just don't know when that will be. see, the other night our apartment flooded and we've been temporarily displaced and for the time being our internet access is somewhat sporadic. 

so regular posts have been put on hold somewhat indefinitely, and for the time being any posts that i can manage will probably be text only. or only have low quality ipad photos. just thought I'd let you know.

if youd like to stay up to date on this most ridiculous adventure (and it IS ridiculous, once its over ill tell you the whole story), the best way to do so would be by following me on twitter, my username is @povertyluxe.

and feel free to say hi, im always in the market for new twitter friends.


  1. Oh no! Flooding really stinks. Hope you're doing well.

    1. aw, thank you! aside from our apartment drama, things are pretty great. how are you?