Sunday, July 28, 2013

sunday sweets. chocolate chip cookies.

 this whole soap opera ordeal with our apartment has left me feeling really poopy. despite giving myself the week off from my normal chore routine, spending an entire week moving, cleaning, organizing, and trying to contain a (suddenly very disobedient) toddler, i was very excited to have a quiet, lazy weekend (though weve still got a ways to go in getting the house back together). 

yesterday i had to work for a few hours finishing a sample, and shortly after i got home my sister picked up alice for an adventure, so in the afternoon i got to take a much needed very long nap, after which we had dinner at my moms house, followed by shakespeare by the sea at wilson park:

if youre not familiar with it, shakespeare by the sea puts on a free tour of two of shakespeares plays in parks and such every summer in the la area. i think its a great time, but alice wasnt so into it:

then today after church we went home and did nothing. until it was time to make dinner, when i made a very large and delicious pizza to stuff our faces with. then after that i made cookies. it was great. exactly what i needed. now im all stuffed and sleepy, but before i go to bed i wanted to take a minute and talk about the cookies i made, since its been a long time since ive gotten to do a sunday dessert post. the other day my mom found this pre-made cookie dough at the 99 cent store:

pilsbury. gluten free. cookie dough. seriously. when my mom told me what she found (this, as well as gluten free bagel chips AND udis bread!), i immediately stopped what i was doing and drove all the way to that location (which is actually really far from my house) to buy all of it. and im SO glad i did. i mean, take a look at these totally normal-looking, slightly puffy chocolate chip cookies:

they taste totally awesome. JUST LIKE REAL COOKIES AND NOT GLUTEN-FREE TASTING AT ALL. yes, i realize that i was yelling, but this is kind of a big deal. they even made ice cream sandwiches without falling apart into a million pieces! but seriously, this is by far the best gluten free substitute product ive tried AND it was only 99 cents for a container that made a dozen medium-sized cookies. im going to be really, really sad when i run out. maybe i will have to start frequenting the 99 cent store in case they get some more. 

in related news, remember when i mentioned earlier how i had a bunch of fun posts planned for the week we were gone (at least, i think i mentioned it...)? well the reason for that was that ive been having REALLY good luck with finding new gluten free treats, and i wanted to share my thoughts on them with you. the thing is the list is getting pretty long and ive still got a lot  to catch up on in real life, so this coming week is going to be all about the new foods ive been trying and not much else. 

stay tuned and ill be back to my regular programming next week, but in the mean time ill be posting a lot of product reviews, which should still be fun too. 

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