Wednesday, July 24, 2013

our week in review. and our favorite cheap date.

probably the best thing to come out of our crappy living situation last week is that we did everything in our power to be at home as little as possible, we ended up having a really fun and busy week.

saturday we got to spend some time with our arizona friends (and they were kind enough to help us move):

then monday we met my old friends from portland at the pier, where we saw a very large pelican:

and alice literally only wanted to play in front of the kite store:

(after that we went to the park and i found $20!). tuesday alice and i went to the beach, then after james got home we all went out for dinner (because that $20 was REALLY burning a hole in my pocket). wednesday alice and i went to storytime AND the park. thursday we had dinner with friends. friday we went to the beach again, because why the heck not? saturday was my sisters super fun birthday party (which was probably my moms cutest party so far, pictures coming soon):

sunday there was after-church potluck, and then monday afternoon we FINALLY started the moving process. wow, just typing all that was draining, and thats not even all the stuff we did. needless to say that yesterday we were all pretty spent, and our fridge was completely empty from me avoiding the grocery store all week, so we went out for our favorite cheap family date:

we started the night at micky finzz in redondo beach, for tacos:

if we didnt have other stuff going on most of the time id probably go there every tuesday, since dinner for the three of us (alice only eats chips and beans off our plates) comes out to only $14 AFTER tax and tip (they raised their prices recently, it used to only be $12, but i still think its pretty great). 

then we followed dinner with ice cream from handels:

because conveniently enough, single scoops are only $2 on tuesdays. and this isnt just any scoop of ice cream, its a huge scoop of super amazing homemade ice cream thats probably some of the best ice cream ive ever had. 

so thats what we did while i was gone. i wish i could say that now im going to go sleep for a few days, but unfortunately ive got work in the morning and weve still got LOTS of unpacking and organizing to do. oh well...

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