Wednesday, July 31, 2013

more new foods. cookies, crackers, and mac and cheese.

my original plan this week was to do one small blog post every day about the new foods ive been trying, but this was really one of those ideas that worked much better on paper than in real life. first of all, the commitment to post everyday was a bit much, especially when this is my first week trying to get back into our normal chore routine, and second, only the pizza mix had much of a story to go with it, and i noticed that didnt really have enough to say about each of the other foods to really justify spending the whole week on individual posts. so heres what ive been snacking on lately:

1. jovial gluten free chocolate cream filled cookies:

as you can see, these were in the clearance section at vons, but this is probably the only gluten free cookie ive seen with a price that isnt horrible, especially since the cookies are separately wrapped so they wont all go stale. i wouldnt say these cookies are bad, the buttercream icing inside is good, but they are pretty dry and crumbly and MUCH better crumbled over ice cream than eaten as a cookie. they also seem to go on sale a lot, so they might be a good thing to keep in the pantry for when i need an emergency treat. 

2. schar table crackers:

honestly the sticker price ($6.50 per package) and the fact that "table" is probably my least favorite type of cracker probably would have kept me from ever trying these. also the only other gluten free cracker ive had is the really dry and powdery communion crackers at church so i wasnt exactly hopeful.  but again, at half price it seemed worth a shot. i mean, i really need to branch out if im going to avoid going absolutely insane on this diet. so far ive had them as a snack with some cheese, and theyre pretty good. then i had them for lunch with some tuna salad on top:

and well, they dont hold up so well for dipping into things. they went great with the tuna, i just had to carefully spoon bites of tuna onto each cracker. but like the cookies, they also come packaged in individual servings, which is really nice because i definitely dont want to have to eat an entire box of crackers all at once. 

and last but not least, 

3. annies homegrown rice shells with creamy white cheddar:

this stuff is fantastic. boxed macaroni and cheese is probably my number one guilty pleasure, and this tastes exactly like the real thing. mainly because its just the normal powdered cheese mix with white rice pasta instead of wheat. so far this is the only gluten free product that id be willing to buy at full price. my only complaint at all is that the box is too small. i seriously did NOT want to stop eating this. ever. 

 seriously i cant get over how much i love this. if you know me at all you know that im not exactly adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, so im really glad this experiment has turned out at least one success. 

p.s. my birthdays coming up, and amazon sells this in cases of 24. just saying...

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