Monday, March 10, 2014

a bad week, bachelorette party, beach day, and weekly wishes.

so, let me tell you a little bit about the kind of week we had last week:

james was working out of town for the entire week, which automatically meant that our normal routine was going to be somewhat disrupted since i was taking care of alice by myself without any breaks. obviously i spent the entire week exhausted and frazzled (i believe i told my mom i was already completely over this week on tuesday morning). 

and obviously alice took full advantage of my weakened state by making some kind of huge gross mess for me to clean up every single day. im serious. james was gone for five days and i had five big gross messes to clean up. which honestly by the end of the week was kind of funny and not at all what made the week so bad. 

the bad part was that for the entire week (from some point on sunday all the way until friday afternoon) we had NO HOT WATER. none. at all. and our building manager didnt even notify anyone about the problem until tuesday evening (at which point i had already called her supervisor to find out what was up, because hello? were kind of paying for this apartment to have hot water). it basically turned the whole week into alexanders terrible horrible no good very bad day. 

but instead of spending this whole post talking about how much this past week sucked, lets talk about all the nice things that happened. 

like how on sunday i tried my first recipe from a beautiful mess:

this asparagus risotto was FANTASTIC (and a really great use for my homemade stock concentrate)

then monday alice had her last ballet class and it was adorable, as always:

but honestly im really happy that its over because this session she wasnt as excited about it and spent a lot of the classes being bad. not this last week though, she was pretty good about participating:

on wednesday i finished up my color theory class at the homeschool co op, and all the kids made awesome color wheels:

then james came home early on friday so we went out to lunch and the hot water came back on and everything was better. 

well, until the next day when i almost forgot to go to my friends bachelorette party. im serious. we all woke up saturday morning and lounged around watching pokemon and then i got bored and started finishing all the quiet, sit-down things i couldnt do while james was out of town and then james put alice down for a nap and went over to the card shop and i started doing some little cleaning projects and suddenly it was 4:30 and i realized, crap. i have to be at a bachelorette party in exactly one hour. i wasnt even dressed in real clothes. so i called james to have him rush home and hurried to put together an animal print themed outfit (as per the theme of the party), and some decent hair/makeup. i had about 20 minutes. i think i did ok:

(quick outfit details: top: hot topic (very old, from my 16th birthday), skirt: poverty luxe, shoes: h&m, bag: vintage, glasses: zenni optical)

and yes, i did make it to the party on time, and even though it was a total lady party (and ive never been a big fan of lady parties) i had an absolutely wonderful time (with the exception of accidentally eating half a french fry that had a suspicious coating and panicking that i might have a gluten episode, but i didnt, so every things ok). 

then yesterday after church we went to the beach:

because, well, it was all kinds of hot and NONE of us wanted to be at home. it was beautiful. and apparently the dolphins agreed:

and of course alice did that thing where she befriends some stranger kid and basically joins their family and eats their food and plays with their toys because she enjoys making me extremely uncomfortable:

and that was our week. 

thankfully this week james is working in town, and im not working (at all!) this week, so things should be a bit more mellow around here for a while. 

and now its time for weekly wishes:

this week i did make some progress in our monthly goals, i did make and freeze one batch of beans, and im pretty sure ive figured out what i want to do about my job (spoiler alert: its not any of the options i discussed earlier). this week id like to get my financial aid forms done and take them in AND go to at least one running shoe store to look at shoes (though ill probably end up actually buying the shoes online so i can get a better price), which i hope wont be a problem since, you know, ive got the week off. 

so those are my goals for the week, what are yours?


  1. Teach me how to look that cute in that short of time and after the week you had!! I need those skills. I woke up at the time I was supposed to be to work and in half an hour my hair was wet and air drying, I had cloithes on and I was wearing concealer, foundation and mascara. I looked tired and sick all day long!

  2. That risotto looks amazing! I will be trying that! And way to stay positive even with all the craziness of your week! BTW your hair always looks amazing, I am totally jealous of you!!

  3. Sounds like you had an interesting week! I think your outfit was super cute! I posted my goals on my blog, but I mostly just want to make it through the week without pulling all my hair out ;)

  4. interesting is definitely a nice word for what went on last week. not pulling all your had out is a fantastic goal (in fact, it's one of mine just about every week), hope you have a great week!

  5. oh trust me, it was. I doubled their recipe so I could have leftovers and I'm SO glad I did, because it's all I wanted to eat for the rest of the week! ha, indefinitely wasn't staying positive DURING the craziness of the week! it wasn't until the weekend that the tears of frustration stopped long enough for me to function.

    aw, thanks! my hair, amazing? that really means a lot to hear because I've JUST started learning how to style it like an actual adult. this hairdo is a new one I just tried for the first time. now I can do exactly two nice things with my hair.

  6. ha! well when you have a toddler you have to learn to do everything FAST! (but basically the big thing is that I only wash/blow out my hair once a week and never, ever wear foundation/powder/etc and I only ever buy clothes that match the things I already have. cuts down IMMENSELY on getting ready time)

  7. If I could just figure out how to get my hair to cooperate so that I didn't have to wash it every day. It's super wild in the morning, I'm not even sure what it does, so I have to get it completely wet anyway :p hahaha

  8. You should ask, no, demand a reduction on your rent for having to go that long without hot water. Especially with a toddler!

  9. dealing with the management is really more James's thing than mine, but believe me, he's asking them to take at least SOMETHING off the rent (because really, if they KNEW something was up wight the water heaters over the weekend they could have notified us WAY before Tuesday night)