Saturday, March 8, 2014

sponsor spotlight: gipsy dharma footwear

today i am super excited to introduce you to this months in-post sponsor, gipsy dharma

gipsy dharma is a company based in the uk that makes beautiful handmade leather boots:

now, youve probably noticed from my outfit posts that im just about always wearing flats. in fact, if the situation doesnt absolutely require shoes, im barefoot.  honestly, im really not that into fancy shoes unless theyre SUPER comfortable. id rather wear moccasins. 

but sometimes you need something more attractive than moccasins. these boots seem like the perfect happy medium between attractive and comfortable (seriously, they look SO soft and comfy!) and they come in SO.MANY.COLORS. my favorite is this purple suede pair:

what i really like about gipsy dharma (besides the super cute boots, obviously), is that they have a VERY thourough faq page with EVERYTHING you could possibly need to know about their sizing so that you can be sure to get the right fit (as well as anything else you want to know), because for me, buying shoes online is always kind of scary. gipsy dharma goes out of their way to make sure its not. 

like i said, gipsy dharma is located in the uk, so all of their prices are in gbp. HOWEVER, they do ship worldwide AND have a handy-dandy currency converter right in the site so you dont have to look up the exchange rate, which makes international shipping a whole lot simpler. 

oh, and one more great thing, they give away a COMPLETELY FREE PAIR OF BOOTS EVERY WEEK on their Facebook page. free boots! every week! how awesome!

be sure to check out the gipsy dharma shop, and dont forget like them on Facebook (especially if you want to get in on the free boots giveaway!). 

seriously though, i wish we had room in out budget for the purple pair. which pair is your favorite?

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