Thursday, March 13, 2014

meet the sponsors: march edition

hey everyone! its that time again, time for you to meet all the wonderful humans that have been hanging out on my sidebar! im super stoked to introduce this bunch, so lets get started, shall we?

first up we have ashten, of always ashten:

hello ashten! why dont you introduce yourself to my readers?

My name is Ashten, and I have a lot to say. Since most of my friends got tired of listening to me talk, I started a blog called always ashten, where I write about my life, lessons I've learned, celebrities I've met and the dog I love named Warner. My life is a work in progress, and I hope you'll come take the journey with me!

now that spring is finally coming, whats your favorite way to get out and play?

Walking my dog, Warner! We live by a little man-made lake and we try to get out and walk around the lake on weekends

favorite posts:

next we have the always wonderful allie of call me sassafras:

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tell us a bit more about yourself, allie:

Hey babes! I'm Allie + I blog at Call Me Sassafras. I like folk music and science and sleep. I think Grumpy Cat is my spirit animal. I'm passionate about creating (+ helping YOU create) a positive + productive lifestyle. Naturally, you'll find my thoughts on living a happy + productive life and snippets on my design work, with a little music, science and sarcasm thrown in

and how do you like to spend time outdoors?

I'm a big fan of getting outdoors so getting out to play is right up my Allie (heh...see what I did there?!). When the weather is nice, I like to go hiking or kayaking. Even when it's not so nice out, I love to play soccer! I've got a group of lady friends that are always happy to make an impromptu pickup game! 

good reads: 

and now its time to meet nicole of treasure tromp:

so nicole, what do we need to know about you?

I'm Nicole, the lady behind the blog Treasure TrompWhen I'm not working on my PhD program, I pretend that I am a world traveler, like to hike and camp, obsess over hedgehogs, and make a mess in the kitchen. Latest adventure? I just returned back to the US after living in South Africa with my fiancĂ©. On my blog you'll find some  thoughts on bloggingorganization tips, and a lot of adventures

whats your favorite way to have fun outside?

I love to go hiking and camping! While I love a good hike through the forest, I recently fell in love with camping and hiking in the desert. My love for the desert may be because it is the place where I got engaged.

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up next we have jessica of the reinvention of jessica:

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tell us more about yourself, jessica:

The Reinvention of Jessica is about my adventures in becoming the person I know I can be.  I'm a new mom, a new homeowner, and a newlywed, so I've gone through a lot of life changes in a relatively short amount of time.  I write about whatever happens to be going on in my life at the moment and what I'm doing to be less of a red hot mess.  I talk a lot about my son, Jack, and all the DIY projects my husband, Dennis, and I have going on around our house.  Come check out my little corner of the internet and see what all my crazy is about.

and whats your favorite way to get out and play?

My favorite way to get out and play is to take my son to the park or to the zoo.  Especially if it's a family outing.  I'm happiest when I get to spend time with my guys whether it's at home or having an adventure around town.

be sure to check out: 

and finally, we have laura of side street style:

hey laura! why dont you tell us more about you and your blog?

We are a creative couple who are also parents to a cool little dude. We love to travel, eat good food, enjoying spending time outdoors
as well as indulging in our passion for fashion and ethical products, all whilst attempting to be great modern parents. Laura is a travel addict and freelance photographer while John is a traditional barber and loves the simple delights of home. We love to bake, try new things and try and live life to the full, Our blog is a place were we share all our adventures, inspirations and ideas.

and how do you like to spend time outside?

We are lucky enough to live near some amazing countryside parks and wild spaces and we love putting on our wellies and adventuring outdoors to collect bugs, sticks and things for our nature table, or simply jumping in puddles. A family hike or adventure is always a must on the weekends.

top posts:

and what about me? how do i like to spend time outdoors?

at the beach. obviously. or maybe disneyland (that counts as outside, right?). or the park. or just taking alice for walks around the neighborhood. really anything to not be in our shoebox apartment when its a million degrees out (which it has been lately, apparently summer is VERY early this year)

i just want to say that i am so, SO happy to have such a wonderful group of ladies on my sidebar this month. seriously, all five (!) of you have been fantastic and I've had a great time getting to know you through your blogs!

do you want to get featured next month? check out my sponsorship page for pricing and details!

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