Saturday, March 1, 2014

february in review + march call for sponsors

so, yesterday i was *this* close to catching up on our wibbly-wobbly blog week and start march off right on schedule... 


right as i was about to get started on my february in review post, my friend shannon texted me and asked if i wanted to go hit up the local salvage fabric store, right now. it was her birthday, and she was asking me to go to my favorite place ever, so obviously i couldn't say no. i mean, how could i pass up a golden opportunity to play in all this:

so... today youre getting a combo february in review/march call for sponsors post. 

which actually ends up working out ok because february wasnt exactly action-packed around here. as far as family life is concerned its been a lot of boring work stuff for the grown ups and crafts for the alice:

that day in particular alice was making a beard. 

oh! and we finally got our first winter rain storm so alice got to stomp in puddles for what I'm pretty sure is the first time ever (california life is rough, guys):

 so, what else happened last month? 

lets see... i made a whole slew of cleaning-related goals, but i only did so-so on them (ill talk more about this on monday)

i did our taxes all by myself, which was a pretty huge deal because I'm really bad at math and paperwork (also, i didnt notice that wed gotten our refund for about four days because id been too afraid to look at our bank accounts, and i guess that was kind of funny).

james totally spoiled me with valentines day surprises, most notably a new functional workspace, which ive really enjoyed putting to work. 

i listed TWELVE new skirts in the shop. this is where id normally have some kind of preview of whats coming next shop-wise, but actually i took a little break from shop sewing to make bow ties for my friend shannons wedding (unfortunately she invited me out right when i finished so i didnt get a picture). also, i made eight bow ties which was a pretty huge accomplishment. 

jamess work finally started picking up again, which is a huge relief (though the work going on right now is all out of town so theres a whole other challenge there). 

i went to my first ever blogger meet up, and it was super scary but it was also fun and i made some new friends so it was actually pretty cool!

then the next day, james and i got all fancy for dapper day and strangers took our picture a bunch and that was weird (but grown up time at disneyland was nice!). 

oh! and I'm helping give away a super awesome dslr kit on the freckled fox right now! there are still a few days left to enter i think, so get on that!

and then the month ended with a huge emotional roller coaster as james (and i, by extension) endured a grueling interview process for a really awesome job opportunity but then he didnt get it and that was really upsetting but then his literal three month battle with unemployment finally got resolved so that was nice but now my job is causing issues so honestly i dont know how to feel these days. 

but enough about that. february was maybe not my favorite month ever, but we had some fun times, and work seems to be picking up for james, and I've got lots of big plans for both the shop and this little blog here. so, march should be pretty cool. 

and speaking of march... you know what time it is?

yep. its time for me to tell you all the reasons why you should sponsor poverty luxe in march. 

mainly, remember all that work i did in january to overhaul everything and make this blog awesome again? well, I've been working REALLY hard to keep the momentum going and well, the numbers dont lie. you can check out my sponsorship page for more details

and if you clicked on that link, you may have noticed that my sponsorship options have changed a tiny bit, and this is because ive been watching my sponsorships closely to see whats working and whats not, and adjusted accordingly. 

thats a thing nobody really talks about in blogging, the constant learning and adjusting when it comes to offering sponsorships. since i jumped into paid sponsorships WAY to early and WAY not prepared, ive been making adjustments basically every month. and ive decided that every month im going to share them (and the reasoning behind them), so that my learning experience can be your learning experience too. 

so heres whats changing this month:

the in-post ad seems to be doing well, i mean... its booked till mid april. so, im keeping things the same, but the price is going up to $10 (because, well, its actually a lot of work).

the large ads i really like, but they havent been selling super well, so I've lowered the price down to $3. i also noticed that theres really no reason why i have to limit how many people can participate, so ive opened it up to ten spots instead of the previous five. 

and finally, the small ads. this was a hard decision to make because i really like the idea of free ad swaps and i wanted to make it as easy as possible to offer them here. the thing is... for a few months now, the small ads have been booked solid, and... um... not a whole lot of those are actually swaps. SO now the small ads are $1. UNLESS you want to swap, in which case you can contact me for a promo code and we can totally do a free swap. oh, and one more thing i want to clarify: i can ONLY do the introductory tweet if you put your twitter name in the "about this ad" field, so, if your buying a small ad, be sure to remember to do that so i can introduce you to all my followers!

so thats whats going on in sponsorship land these days. please check out my sponsorship page for more details, id love to have you join my sidebar for the month!

hope youre having a great weekend so far, ill se you monday for monthly wishes!

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