Monday, October 14, 2013

weekly wishes #4

happy monday everyone! even though i had a FANTASTIC birthday weekend (best birthday ever, i think), i am so, SO happy to get back into a normal work week and focus on being productive. i think now that im 24, ive accepted that i am just NOT a mellow, go-with-the-flow kind of mom, i NEED to be working on something at all times. and thats ok, right?

anyways, today im linking up with melyssa of the nectar collective for weekly wishes! but first i have to share some pictures from the birthday lunch my mom made for me yesterday! she made a wonderful gluten free feast, which included the cheesecake and strawberries from the first picture, as well minestrone (with quinoa instead of noodles) and zucchini lasagna:

and spaghetti squash with pesto:

 people have been telling me for a LONG time about eating spaghetti squash instead of noodles and ive never gotten around to trying it, and it was fantastic. i will DEFINITELY try this at home soon. 

aaaaannnnd.... back to business here, i was talking about weekly wishes, right? ok. so lets start with last weeks wishes:

1. finish cleaning up all of alices birthday messes. done! except... now theres a big pile of my birthday messes....

2. make plans for a date night at benihana. um... not really. we were a bit busier this week than i had anticipated, and honestly i think next week would be a better time for a dinner date anyway (since i didnt cook at all this weekend and now we have a whole fridge full of groceries threatening to go bad on us)

3. take a little time off from focusing on work to enjoy my birthday weekend! yes and no. yes i did very much enjoy my birthday weekend, but i could not turn my work-brain off. this isnt a bad thing at all though, because ive got HUGE, TOTALLY AWESOME projects coming up that i cant wait to tell you about. 

even though last weeks wishes didnt really pan out the way i had intended, i had a pretty awesome week, so it doesnt really matter. moving on to this weeks wishes:

1. clean out and organize alices clothes. alice has always been pretty small for her age (shes currently in the 40th percentile for height), so it usually takes a LONG time for her to grow out of her clothes, but lately ive noticed that most of her 18 month clothes are either too small, or too raggedy, so its time for a switch-out. 

2. start testing out my knitting (and crochet) patterns so i can publish them! i am SO excited about this project! ive spent quite some time typing and revising them over the past couple weeks, but now theyre ready for testing by some generous friends of mine.

and since were still playing birthday catch-up, ill leave it at that. 

hope you have an awesome week!

The Nectar Collective

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