Tuesday, May 21, 2013

free family fun. bluth frozen bananas.

if i were to pick a very worst thing about living in prescott (other than everything), it was that if you wanted to do anything fun that wasnt shopping for antiques, you had to go to phoenix. and phoenix is REALLY far away from prescott so that instantly made any fun thing super expensive and an all day thing. and im just so not an all day thing kind of lady. so we never did anything fun. seriously, we went to phoenix like, twice the entire time we lived there (well, james went a bunch of times with his friends but thats an entirely different story). 

anyways, if i were to pick a very BEST thing about being back in la, its the overabundance of cheap and free things to do, right in our own town. so we can totally do something fun and do other things in the same day. or you know, just go home and take a nap because outings with a toddler are exhausting. 

so sunday night i found out that the bluth frozen banana stand (a netflix-sponsored promotional gimmick for the new season of arrested development) was going to be in downtown culver city from noon till seven on monday (yesterday). i was really REALLY stoked about this, because 1. james wasnt working and we needed to get out of the house, 2. culver city is really close (only about 20-30 minutes, including traffic and parking), and 3. arrested development is one of exactly two tv shows that i even care about (the other one is bones). i had heard that at the other stops, the lines got REALLY long, and the cast appearances were kind of random and only announced last minute on twitter (not that i cared about that part, i was just glad i knew not to count on it), so i figured the best plan would be to get there around when it opened, and pack a light lunch just in case we had to wait a long time (and also just in case i got hungry, because i am ALWAYS hungry these days). so i had my perfect plan in place, lunch packed, and looking at the map i noticed the banana stand was going to be right in the only part of culver city ive ever been to and i knew where i could get two hours free parking. awesome. free bananas, free parking, what could possibly go wrong?

well to start, i forgot our lunch. but i only got a little bit upset and we went on to have a great time at the banana stand, where alice tried to do her best winking eye alcohol suggestion:

they were also handing out "mr manager" nametag stickers, but alice wasnt that into it and took hers off after just a few minutes. since we got there faster than id anticipated, we actually got there right before it officially opened and didnt have to wait at all, so not having lunch with us ended up not being a problem. after getting our bananas we walked over to a little park across the street to eat them:

after a few minutes i started to get hungry again and decided it was time to go home, and as we started walking back to the car i realized with horror that i had lost our ticket for the parking garage. which meant wed have to pay EIGHT DOLLARS for an hour and a half of parking that was supposed to be free. and i started flipping out. because my stupid easily avoidable mistake COMPLETELY ruined my perfect easy free outing. and i was starving. and james kept telling me to calm down and get over it because it wasnt important. and i got even more upset because he couldnt see that this was important to me. and did i mention that i was absolutely STARVING at the time? so our easy, fun morning dissolved into a very angry and bitter afternoon because apparently i didnt learn my lesson after the benihana incident

i realize now that i was entirely wrong about the whole thing, and i think james forgives me. but what i didnt get to explain was that having to pay for parking nearly depleted my little secret cash hoard, and since i recently had to return a couple things, i finally had enough for a treat, and i really wanted to go to taco tuesday tonight because we REALLY needed a dinner out. but james was sick today so we couldnt have gone this week anyway, so i guess it doesnt matter as much as i thought it did. 

it never does. im just really really unreasonably uptight. 

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