Saturday, May 11, 2013

the downtown torrance marketplace.

in case you missed my last post, this week i had to implement some rather extreme dietary changes, and as such, im not doing so well. im on day THREE of gluten free and i feel terrible. not to get overly dramatic, but everything hurts, im starving most of the time, and worst of all, ive got a major mental fog thats keeping me from focusing on ANYTHING for more than a minute or so. i seriously spent most of yesterday on the couch. today we were supposed to go to the renaissance fair, but as you can imagine, that was NOT happening today. we actually had a really mellow day since my dad offered to take alice out, which was great since alice is REALLY losing patience with being at home and me not feeling well.

anyways, i vaguely remember planning out my blog posts for the week before this all happened, but i didnt write it down so its all gone. well not all of it, thankfully. thursday we went to the downtown torrance marketplace because some friends of ours had a booth this week, and i took pictures of it, so i definitely intended on writing about it. its a small little event, every thursday from 3-8 in the cute little neighborhood of old torrance. its a small event, and features some (not always great) live music, but we wanted to see our friends, and i desperately needed a distraction from how terrible i felt. 

my sisters friends meg and sophia made a sweet little booth of super cute accessories, like these sweet little headbands:

i especially loved these dainty little earrings: 

i was SO impressed with how professional their booth setup was. i spent over FOUR YEARS vending at craft fairs and these two tweens (theyre friends with my 11 year old sister) put even my best booth to shame. these girls are so good. like, now im embarrassed to ever let anyone see pictures of my past craft fair booths. 

our friend neal, of basic stuff vintage, was also there selling vintage clothes, cameras and decor type things:

i really wanted that little white tray and some wine crates:

but our apartment is seriously about to hit critical mass, so all we got was a cute brown sweater for james. 

while alice didnt exactly enjoy the shopping part, but she did have a great time running around with her aunt marley (and her pony. she didnt want to carry it with her hands so james put it in her jacket and she just went with it). her and pony enjoyed some ice water:

and learned how to longboard:

and then we went home. stay tuned for next week, ive got some really fun posts planned (and written down)!

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