Monday, May 6, 2013

a busy weekend and a family outfit post.

ive got a pretty bad case of the mondays today. its raining. i had to take alice to the pediatrician. the main problem though is that the house is a wreck because i havent been doing chores and theres nothing exciting to eat for lunch because i havent been making dinner so there arent any yummy leftovers. im actually ok with this though, because we spent the ENTIRE weekend having fun. and not just a regular saturday and sunday weekend, but a extra long homeschooled weekend that started on thursday, and was almost entirely free. 

we started the weekend off thursday night with a family date to yogurtland and target. james was so kind as to share his birthday giftcard with alice and i, and we were very grateful, since we hadnt been to yogurtland in a while (i think the last time we went was free yogurt day, back in like, february), because there isnt really one in our neighborhood, so it was a really special treat. 

friday alice and i went to the beach with my mom, sisters, and a few church friends. alice had the BEST time, and since there were so many other people for alice to play with. i actually got to sunbathe a bit, which was AWESOME, because last summer alice was still a tiny baby and needed a LOT of care at the beach so i got a really horrible uneven tan that im still working on correcting (i know im going to get a lot of crap for this, but im going to be completely honest: im half filipino, i grew up at the beach, having a certain amount of tan is completely necessary to maintain optimum attractiveness, and well, im not quite there yet). 

saturday i had to work for a big chunk of the day, but that did not in any way detract from the fact that it was free comic book day and star wars day. james took alice to one comic shop while i was working, and after i got home we all went over to the comic bug in manhattan beach, because they were having a really big free comic book day event. now i am very much not into comics and such, and i really, really have to applaud the comic bug for making me the least uncomfortable i have ever been while inside a comic book store. anyways, in addition to free comics they also had a bunch of artists and such and basically i stood around being incredibly awkward, but james had a really great time and thats what matters. he also got a cute little sketch of gandalf:

i have no idea why, but james spent the entire morning while i was getting ready for work dressing alice and himself in an overly fancy manner. we had a party to go to that evening (a star wars party, no less!), so of course as soon as i got home from work i had to also dress fancy so we could coordinate as a family. since james and alice looked SO cute, i thought it would be nice to do an outfit post of all of us. 

on james: shirt: h&m, pants: forever 21, watch: unknown brand, tie, suspenders, vest and shoes: vintage. on alice: dress: handmade, tights: carters, shoes: hand-me-down

james is basically wearing his default "fancy outfit" of a button up, vest, slacks, and dress shoes, though he surprised me with his tie choice: he usually goes for a skinny tie and tie clip (and every time i have to hear ALL ABOUT how his tie clip doesnt fit his skinny tie, and his fiddling with it always makes us late to wherever were going). also, hes recently started wearing his hair in a ponytail, and im really not sure how i feel about it. 

i tried SO hard to get a picture of alice by herself, but she was too excited and kept running away from me. her dress is made from a vintage sheet i got an an estate sale, when i saw it i HAD to get it, because, years ago, i made myself a dress out of that EXACT SAME FABRIC. now we have super awesome matching mother-daughter dresses. lately ive been putting her in fancy shoes all the time, because i FINALLY can. see, alice has the worlds tiniest baby feet (meaning, even tinier than regular baby feet), like, by time her feet were big enough for BABY BOOTIES, she was ALREADY WALKING. last month i bought her shoes from the real shoe section for the first time. she was one and a half. this particular pair was given to us last summer, and they were so sparkly and cute and girly and i could not wait for alice to get to wear them. i kept waiting and waiting and over six months later they finally fit so now she wears them all the time. 
dress: lauren conrad for kohls, shoes: vintage, watch: target, sunglasses: zenni optical

as i mentioned earlier, i had to work saturday. i had an extra long class and open house, so i was at work for nearly six hours instead of my usual three and a half. i have to wear a (kind of ugly) uniform, so getting fancy meant a complete wardrobe change. i didnt have the mental energy to put together anything more than just a dress and cute shoes, so i went with this one. i love it, its super comfy AND it has pockets. the only think that keeps me from wearing it every day is that its a kind of shiny crepe material and the collar has rhinestones on it, so its a little too flashy to wear all the time. if i was better at sewing, my closet would basically just be this dress in ten different colors. i was also really happy that dress goes so nicely with those purple flats, since i havent gotten to wear them much since our wedding (i did buy "real" wedding shoes, but i was really sick the week before so i had to substitute with the flats i packed for my rehearsal dinner). 

we spent saturday night with friends at a super awesome star wars day party (it was may the 4th after all), and at that point i thought that our weekend was over. not yet though, my sister had offered to watch alice sunday after church, so i asked james what he wanted to do on our afternoon alone. he chose disneyland, so we went to disneyland by ourselves, and it was perfect. it was cold, but we got to go on all the "adult" rides and eat ice cream without sharing. 

it was a wonderful weekend, but i suppose all good things must end, and now its back to real life. today was pretty rough, ive barely managed to catch up on the housework, but im sure ill catch up just in time for next weekend. 


  1. I LOVE that dress on you! Was it a recent purchase?

  2. why thank you! ive had it for a long time, my aunt sent it to me for a birthday present, but my birthday that year was six days after alice was born. it didnt fit well until a few months ago, so it FEELS like a new dress.