Saturday, May 25, 2013

little treats. a new nail polish.

over the past couple months ive been working REALLY hard at taking better care of myself and my appearance (read more about that here). and ive started to feel like ive made really good progress in things like putting on makeup, wearing real clothes, and brushing my hair more than once a week. so much so that those things are starting to feel like a natural part of my day. so the time felt right to move on to a bigger challenge: buying myself treats. 

now i know this should not be nearly as difficult for me as it is, but look, weve always been broke, and ive always had something id rather spend our money on and ive never really felt like i deserved it. so ive been working on it, but the thing is, ive gone so long without buying myself treats that i dont even really know what kind of treats i even like. 

ive been feeling really crappy for the past couple weeks with my new diet, and havent been able to go out and do much, so i REALLY needed a little treat. thing is, my favorite treats are the food kind, but with all my new ridiculous food allergies, theres not a lot i can do in that department. also, james had school this month and my job is basically nonexistent these days, so were extra extra broke. i needed to find a really REALLY little treat. 

so i picked up a new nail polish last time we went to target. i got a new one that i havent tried before, sally hansen gem crush:

it was on sale for $5.61, and i had a $4 off coupon, so $1.61 seemed fair for a treat, especially since i stopped drinking soda and wasnt spending money on that anymore. i was really intrigued by the displays claim of "full coverage glitter", because thats EXACTLY what i want in a glitter polish. i was REALLY happy with how it came out:

two coats did make for really great full coverage glitter, and i totally love the color. the only thing i dont really like is the super rough texture, it really needs a topcoat, which i dont happen to have. it also chips off in big chunks, but thats really more my fault than the polish, im REALLY hard on my nails, so no manicure (except the one time i got a really, really expensive gel manicure for my birthday) ever lasts more than two days, so im not complaining. i LOVE it on my toes though, it may be my favorite for the summer. 

im thinking this might be a new regular feature, the little treats i find. 

anyways, stay tuned for next week when i share a new craft tutorial!

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