Sunday, May 19, 2013

sunday sweets. my first gluten free baking venture.

today i made the executive decision that sunday nights would always involve a special dessert, because, well im the mom and i say so. my mom bought me some of this gluten free baking mix from fresh and easy:

one of the things it makes is chocolate chip cookies, and the other day i managed to find some ice cream that didnt have anything im allergic to in it on clearance at vons (i have to be really careful about ice creams since a lot of the cheaper ones have corn syrup), so i decided on ice cream sandwiches. 

i was really skeptical about this mix, especially when i finished the dough and it looked kind of weird:

the instructions said to roll the dough into one inch balls, but that didnt seem big enough, especially since i was planning on making them into ice cream sandwiches, so i made them a bit bigger. little did i know that these cookies spread a TON and my inch-and-a-half balls turned into nearly four inch cookies:

i think i accidentally overcooked them a bit, they were thin and VERY crispy, not bad, just not really my favorite kind of cookie. they made excellent ice cream sandwiches though:

were the cookies great? not really. would i buy this mix again? probably not. was gluten free baking as horrible as i thought it would be? not at all, i just have to find some new things to try. 

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