Saturday, August 3, 2013

little treats. new shoes.

happy saturday! hows your summer going? doing anything fun?

now that its august ive got some SERIOUS summer laziness going on. a BIG chunk of this week was spent at the beach and pool. this weeks main goal was to get alice and i back into our normal routine after the apartment fiasco (who knew temporarily moving was so traumatic for a one year old? it was nearly a week before she would even play with toys like her normal self). id say i was mostly successful, most the house is almost ready for the "after" pictures of our organization quest, and my weekly chore rotation is back in full swing, but theres one thing that i just cant bring myself to tackle. 

the laundry. the entire time weve been married i have been VERY on top of our laundry situation. see, once right after our honeymoon ALL of our clothes were dirty and we had to spend what felt like an eternity at the laundromat, and then go home to fold and put away a mountain of clothes (which i believe took days) and after that i swore that i would never do that again. and i didnt. i have a very tidy little system where all the clothes are carefully sorted and i do ONE load start-to-finish every few days. it works great, we never run out of anything and im never overwhelmed with laundry. 

except for right now. im pretty sure i havent done any laundry in almost a month. i have literally spent this entire week hemming and hawing over how to get started on tackling this because the giant mountain of dirty clothes is really getting in the way of getting the bedroom organization finished. i dont even know where to start. do i spend a day at the laundromat and get it all done? no, i dont want to do that. do i just start pushing through one load at a time until i catch up? that sounds a lot better, but where do i even start? which load is more important? its not even like laundry is hard, and i like doing it most of the time. its just really overwhelming me right now. 

so im going to keep ignoring it for a little longer and tell you about these super cute new shoes i just got:

i got them at h&m, for, get this, $3.50 (!!!). i hardly ever go to the mall anymore, but when we were shopping for my sisters birthday present i couldnt help but notice that h&m had all their clearance an additional half off. i went to check it out because i really need some new shorts, but unfortunately all the clothes they had left were pretty terrible. i was kind of bummed out about that so i went to see if they had any cute shoes, because i also need to work on improving my shoe selection (read more about that here). and i was SO glad i did, because im pretty much in love with these. 

ive only worn them once so far, but theyre definitely one of the more comfortable pairs of heels i own, so i cant wait to start putting together new outfits with them!

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