Saturday, June 1, 2013

backyard party. an outfit post.

i wasnt sure what to post about this weekend. i spent this week really experimenting in the kitchen and was looking forward to sharing the results, but everything i did (spicy pickled carrots, dill pickles, and mayonnaise) just fell flat (not spicy, weird and gross, and not even a food, respectively). thankfully the carrots are still edible and i was able to salvage the ruined mayonnaise into a caesar salad dressing so all thats getting thrown out is 48 cents of cucumber. 

my brother turned 16 this week and yesterday and my mom threw one of her fantastic parties. i do plan on posting about that, however im still working on convincing her to work with me on doing a guest post about her party magic. 

so instead i figured id just do an outfit post, heres what i wore to the party:

dress: victorias secret, cardigan: target, leggings: cotton on, moccasins: minnetonka, necklace and pin: vintage, glasses: zenni optical
 im really unsure of what to wear for the summertime. last summer i was nursing the worlds hungriest baby, and the summer before that i was very hugely pregnant with said baby, so its been a long time since ive had much freedom in my summer dressing. 

right now i have exactly one pair of shorts that fits, so ive mostly been wearing a lot of dresses. i recently dug this one out of the back of my closet, its kind of old (my grandma gave it to me at my bridal shower), but it fits really well (cant say that about most of the clothes i own) and i really love the print. i think ill be wearing this one a lot. 

its still gets pretty cold in the evenings, and my brothers party was outside so i added my favorite cardigan and leggings (which i got for the incredible price of $6). ive really gotten out of the habit of, you know, accessorizing my outfits, but i did remember to wear a cool necklace that i got at an estate sale (its one of my favorites because it has a secret compartment, presumably intended for either drugs or mermaid voices). 

i realize that this isnt exactly the most exciting outfit post ever, but my moccasins have kind of a funny story: 

see, back when james and i had first started dating and i lived in lomita and he lived in prescott valley, i tagged along with my aunt and cousins on a four day long trip to phoenix so that james and i could go on a date (ridiculous, i know). anyways, on the way back we stopped at this weird indian themed store in quartzite, arizona and i got these really cute soft soled moccasins. and i wore them all the time, until the soles started to wear out and they always had sand in them (by that time james and i were married and living in arizona), so i stopped wearing them and eventually, when we were getting ready to move to california, i found them and noticed that they both had unrepairable holes in the soles and reluctantly threw them out and missed them ever since. then, MONTHS later, james and i took a trip up to westwood for some diddy reese cookies. we impulsively stopped by a vintage shop that i had never seen before, and what do i find right in the middle of the shoe table? the EXACT SAME pair of moccasins. IN MY SIZE. for half the price i would have paid for a new pair. so of course i bought them. and wear them all the time. and have just had to accept that im just that kind of person that replaces their all old things with new versions of the exact same thing. 


  1. i've had a pair of those too that have lasted forever, so good. but now that i say that they will probably disintegrate...

    1. yeah, my first pair was awesome, but once they got a tiny hole, they went downhill REAL fast.