Monday, June 17, 2013

mondays are my favorite.

we had a really full weekend. saturday we went to alices friend leonas birthday party, where she got to spend the whole morning playing with her friends:

then yesterday was a pretty big day at church. james became a member and alice got baptized. while i was really happy about those things finally happening, i was REALLY uncomfortable about you know, having to stand up in front of the entire church for several minutes while alice loudly yelled things like "babies!" and "hi auntie! come here auntie!". heres a picture of me trying not do die of embarrassment while alice yelled "daddy im wet!" :

on a side note, please notice how i carefully dressed alice and i in matching outfits for the occasion. i really put a lot of effort into this but totally forgot to take decent pictures of us together. 

anyways, after church (where alice continued to be especially loud and disruptive, so much so that her friend leona shushed her from across the sanctuary), we went over to my moms house for a celebratory alices baptism/fathers day/moms birthday lunch, where we had a very manly meal of steak, potatoes, fish, and zucchini that russell grilled for us.

alice has decided though that the only food that shell eat on sundays is church donuts, so she spent most of the day playing in the dirt with the chickens (thats a dust bathing hole shes sitting in):

and bothering my sisters rabbit:

now at this point the weekend would have been busy and exhausting enough for my tastes, but my sister decided to rescue a kitten that was found in the church parking lot:

i dont know if ive ever mentioned this, but i love cats. a lot. like, some days it makes me really, REALLY sad that we only have one cat. the only person i know that loves cats as much as i do is my sister, so obviously helping this kitten was of the utmost importance. he was really sad and hungry and dirty when she first brought him home, but he seemed to be ok with being handled and not at all ferrel, so after he ate we named him gaston and gave him a bath:

i wish i could say that this was a totally novel and strange thing to happen during a family gathering, but no. this kind of stuff happens all the time, since my sister is kind of addicted to rescuing animals (her cat olly was rescued under very similar circumstances about four years ago). now shes trying to convince my mom to let her keep gaston, despite the fact that they already have four cats. 

and that was our weekend. which brings me to the main point of this post: monday is by far my favorite day of the week. i know thats the opposite of what anyone else on the planet will say, but ever since ive stayed home with alice (and especially now that james has a job with regular hours), monday has always been my quiet, mellow, just-stay-home-and-get-all-the-chores-done-before-lunch day. and i love it. i love starting a fresh new weekly to-do list and get a running start to crossing things off. actually, now that i think of it a successful monday is usually what gives me the momentum i need to stay productive for the rest of the week. maybe this means im boring, but i dont really care. i got a LOT done today, and now alice and i have the whole afternoon to play. 

so what did you do this weekend?

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