Sunday, June 23, 2013

sunday sweets. brownie sundaes.

for this weeks special dessert i finally got around to using this brownie mix. i had intended on making them earlier this week, but every day one thing or another got in the way and before we knew it, it was sunday again. 

im going to be completely honest here: im not a big fan of brownies. i never have been, im just not that into chocolate and rich, gooey desserts are just not my thing (i think this fully explains why ive never gotten along well with other ladies). i still wanted to try out this mix, mostly because im trying really hard to try new things and be more open minded about food, so to get myself more excited about this dessert, i added ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream and sprinkles to make brownie sundaes. 

the brownie mix (by pamelas products, available at most stores with a gluten-free section) actually came out really, REALLY well. i was definitely impressed that they tasted just like real brownies, even if brownies arent exactly my favorite. i liked that they made a full 9 x 9 pan of regular-thickness brownies, and i really appreciate that the package had recipes for several variations, so i was able to make them more cake-like than fudgey. my only complaint is the price (around seven dollars per bag). if this mix wasnt on the half-price rack, i definitely would not have bought it, but it was certainly worth what i paid for it. 

the best part of this dessert though was the whipped cream. i always make homemade whipped cream. its cheaper ($3 for a pint of whipping cream that makes two large batches rather than $4-5 for one container), healthier (just cream and sugar instead of soybean oil, chemicals, and propellant), AND it tastes way better. did i mention that its also super fast and easy to make? i used this recipe and it seriously takes just a few minutes in the kitchenaid (ok, maybe its not so fast and easy if you dont have a kitchenaid). 

anyways, thats what we had for dessert tonight, stay tuned for next time when i show you how to make some ratatouille! 

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