Thursday, June 13, 2013

little treats. free eyeshadows.

if you had asked me a few months ago, i would have told you that  most drugstore makeup isnt worth the money, especially eyeshadows. the reason being that with the drugstore shadows, (at least in my experience) what you usually end up with is a low quality base that creases and fades in a matter of minutes, with hardly any pigment, meaning you have to use tons of product and re-apply throughout the day in order to keep it looking presentable. on the other hand, for just a few extra dollars you could invest in a quality product (my favorite has always been mac) that is mostly pigment, and be able to use a teeny-tiny bit of product and have it stay put ALL DAY (and sometimes even two days, not that ive ever done that...). 

now i am all about quality over quantity, and ive worn my makeup the exact same way since i was like 14, so most of my makeup is just a small, carefully selected collection of higher-end products. since it only takes a teensy bit to get the job done, and almost never needs touched up, i literally dont even remember the last time i bought eyeshadow. i was mostly ok with that, since i had found what worked for me for everyday wear. 

i got kind of bored, and wanted to try something a little different, and i looked at lots of pallets online, or at sephora, but since im a total makeup snob anything i deemed worthwhile was waaaaaay out of our price range. but then when i started couponing i noticed that sometimes, eyeshadows (but for some reason, only eyeshadows) are completely free. and im totally willing to try something that might not be so great if its free. 

a couple months ago there was a $4 off almay manufacturers coupon, and a $1 off printable target coupon for any almay eye product and these pallets are only $4.99, so i got the purple one on the left. and while it certainly isnt the superpowered makeup im used to wearing, but its still pretty great. its not as pigmented as id like, but i really like the colors together, and its a nice change to my normal "everyday" eye. i really like though is how all three colors are in a single small compact, and i dont have to juggle a whole bunch of seperate pots like i do with my other shadows. also, the texture is really nice and it holds up for most of the day without creasing (which may not even be a problem for most people because my skin is SUPER oily). overall im pretty happy with it, and i was hoping that the $4 off coupon would be printed again (it happens more often than youd think). 

then two weeks ago (or was it three? im not so good at remembering anymore), it did! i could get another one! for free! i really wanted to branch out try something different, so i got the silver one on the right, since ive never really been able to achieve a smoky eye on my own. and that one, i REALLY like, it has just the right amount of shimmer and seems to have more pigment than the purple one. 

this is totally something i would have shied away from trying if they werent free, and im really glad these coupons came around, because these eyeshadows are actually pretty great. and maybe ive changed my mind a little bit about drugstore makeup. maybe. 

stay tuned for next week, ive got a really cute tutorial in the works!

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