Wednesday, June 5, 2013

this is a weird week.

lately ive been working really hard on becoming a productive member of society, mostly through the use of lists (you can read more about my relationship with lists here), and its starting to feel natural. as of today im midway through my TENTH week of getting all my lists done, and then some. seriously, ive gotten my weekly chore routine working so efficiently that lately ive even had time to do crafts, take naps, and even have a spontaneous picnic dinner at disneyland on monday. me, who worries about everything and never does anything spontaneous. heres a photo since i know you dont believe me:

see, theres alice and my sister emily in line for the jungle cruise, at night. alice isnt a big fan of the jungle cruise. i promise she enjoyed our hummus picnic and ice cream and the winnie the pooh ride and watching fantasmic (which i never, ever stay for, but we made an exception because james has never seen it), but i didnt get any decent pictures of those things. 

but thats not why this week is weird. this week is weird because yesterday i had surgery. ok, maybe thats a little dramatic. actually i had an endoscopy to confirm my celiac diagnosis and check for acid damage in my stomach (because i refuse to take prescription antacids indefinitely "in case it makes me feel better"). but i had to not eat anything all day and check in to the hospital and get anesthesia so im going to go ahead and call it surgery. i was hoping to have some pictures of my guts for you, but they said they would mail them to me in a couple weeks (lame) so youll have to settle for a low quality cell phone photo of me waking up from sedation:

the procedure itself only takes about five minutes, but if you include all the shenanagains surrounding it, it takes a couple of hours. thats not the part that messed up my week.

it was having to sleep for the whole rest of the day. and all night. and spend all of today in a weird, drug induced fog thats thrown me off course. see, i dont do well with medications, i never have. it took me weeks to recover from getting my wisdom teeth out, i took ibuprofen after my c-section. i actually had an endoscopy when i was 17 and i vividly remember being incapacitated for a long time afterwards.

i asked specifically if there was a way for the them to give me either less medication, or something that would metabolize faster and not put me out for so long, but this proved difficult since doctors REALLY dont like it when patients ask questions, especially if they involve said patient not wanting narcotics (which seems really, really backwards to me). i did eventually communicate what i was asking for (at first the nurse thought i was asking for no sedation at all), and they did end up giving me something that was supposed to metabolize faster, but still ended up sleeping most of yesterday afternoon (except when i needed to eat). and after my mom took us back home (she was the designated driver for the day since i was in no shape to be driving anywhere) i just went straight to bed. 

so today ive just been trying to play catch up, which is pretty difficult given that my head is killing me and for most of the day i havent been able to focus on anything for more than a few minutes. but i got our meal pland done, and i think ill make it to the grocery store tonight. 

and maybe by the end of the week things will be back to normal. hopefully. 

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