Saturday, June 29, 2013

family coffee date.

things have been excessively busy in the meyers house lately. james is back working full-time, for some reason ive gotten a weird rush of classes this week, and i have to spend tomorrow fasting in preparation for yet another unpleasant doctors appointment. on top of all this, its been a million degrees out and our shoebox apartment with poorly placed windows has no ceiling fans. i think i speak for all of us when i say we definitely deserved a fun treat this weekend. something like a big fancy family dinner date. unfortunately our bank account didnt agree with that ideai did however have a buy-one-drink-get-one-free coupon for coffee bean, so after i got home from work this afternoon we had a family coffee date

since one of the drinks was free, we agreed to get a snack to share as well. the only thing that looked like i could eat it was the little fruit and cheese box, and at first i was like "six dollars for grapes and cheese? is this really necessary?", but then i remembered, this was a special treat. and im totally glad we splurged on it, it was actually PACKED with really great cheese and made a super satisfying snack for all three of us. this particular location also had a really cozy semi-enclosed patio area, so we got to have some much needed quiet time to relax (have i mentioned that ALL of our neighbors have been excessively loud lately, all the time?)

sigh. i really, really wish alice would stand still for a picture just once in her life. 

it was so great to go hang out as a family, that when we finished our treat, we really didnt want to go home to our stuffy, noisy apartment. we were having leftovers for dinner and i didnt need to get home to cook, so we didnt. we went over to the mall and walked around for a while until we decided it was time to eat dinner and watch doctor who. 

and thats exactly what we did. it was the most perfect saturday weve had in a very, very long time.

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