Friday, June 28, 2013

summer goals.

summer is definitely in full swing here at the meyers house, and alice is really into it. we have totally been taking advantage of all the free things to do around here, in addition to more regular beach days, weve also been spending more time at the park:

swimming in our buildings pool:

drawing with chalk:

and checking out the splash pad at alondra park (ok, alice wasnt super into this one):


in a couple of days it will be july, and our disneyland passes will be blocked out until mid-august (not that we want to go in the summertime anyways). with no free disneyland, ive been compiling a mental list of other free things to try this summer now that alice is old enough to enjoy day trips (or i guess more accurately, now that alice is old enough for me to enjoy taking her on day trips). as this mental list was growing two things came to mind: 1.  i was starting to get a little crazy and needed to take it down a notch and stick to a small manageable list that we might actually be able to finish, and 2. why limit our summer goals to just day trips for alice? why not make a short list of goals for other areas of life too? 

james and i talked about it for a bit, and we concluded that this was a much better idea than the big grandiose yearly goal list we made back in january (organized by month, with deadlines, and completely based on a projected income that well... didnt happen). heres what we came up with:

for alice:

1. go to at least two new parks. theres SO many parks in the south bay that this should be the easiest one. 

2. visit the california science center. alice has been to the natural history museum a couple times now, but not the science center, and its one of my favorite field trips from when i was a kid. 

for me:

1. get the new etsy shop up and running. this is currently in progress, and im really excited about how its going, i just want to make sure that everythings in working order by the end of summer

2. work on improving my photography skills. since i started this blog ive noticed that my photography has gotten really sloppy. i found some photos from my old etsy shop, back when i took pictures almost every day, and i couldnt even believe that i used to be that good, so i need to practice more so i can be that good again. 

for the family:

1. deep clean the whole house and purge it of unnecessary belongings. we did this with our closets back in january and it was awesome, i think the whole house will be a lot more comfortable if it wasnt so cluttered. 

2. institute a weekly family bible study time. this is something we talk about doing all the time and never actually do, so now were going to fix that. 

and thats our summer goal list! im really excited to work on these and see how they go. 

so what do you have planned this summer?

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