Tuesday, April 1, 2014

april call for sponsors!

happy april everyone! i actually dont have any silly april fools pranks for you today, mainly because im a cranky old lady that hates april fools day, so today were just going to get straight down to business. 

sponsor business. 

because, you know, as usual, its the first of the month and that means its time for me to completely re-design my sponsor program, right? 

WRONG! actually, as far as my options are concerned, everythings staying just about the same. with the exception that ive moved the large sponsor group feature to the end of the month instead of the middle because well, that just makes more sense. 

so for a quick review, your options are:

in-post ad: $10, includes banner space PLUS a solo sponsor spotlight feature PLUS the option of your own original guest post and social media love. unfortunately, its currently booked through mid-may, however, you could always just reserve your spot in advance. winky face. 

large ad: $3, includes large sidebar ad PLUS a spot in the monthly meet the sponsors post which is super fun and an awesome way to make new blog friends and social media love. as of right now, i have EIGHT spots open for the april feature happening on the 24th. you DEFINITELY want in on this. 

small ad: $1 (or free if you want to swap!), includes smaller sidebar ad PLUS an introductory tweet, IF AND ONLY IF you put your twitter handle in the "about this ad" field, this is basically the cheapest ad you can get anywhere in blogland (since, you know, its free to swap), and i have three spots open RIGHT NOW. 

oh! and as an added bonus, ive been working my butt off to grow this here blog of mine, and my numbers are continuing to grow every month, meaning, your ad and/or feature is getting seen by more people than ever before, and i havent raised my prices. 

and im sure once you see the numbers on my sponsorship page, youll see that sponsoring poverty luxe is a very, very good idea. 

i mean. not that im biased or anything...

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