Monday, April 7, 2014

i finally quit my job! (an outfit post + april monthly wishes)

outfit details:

top: h & m
skirt: vintage
shoes: vintage
necklace: macys
hair clip: etsy
glasses: zenni optical
nails: jamberry in imperial (matte)

everybody please ignore the stupid face im making in the first picture, and instead notice that my shirt has cats on it. for a long time now ive been wanting to get a cat shirt, but my sister is pretty much queen of the cat shirts, and i didnt want to look like i was copying her, so when i found this crop top at h&m with japanese lucky cats on it (which are one of my favorite things ever), i knew i HAD to have it. even though it was regular price and im probably way to old to be wearing crop tops with cats on them. but, cats. maybe it wasnt the most practical $10 ive ever spent. but again, cats. and when i wanted to wear the wrap skirt i wore to dapper day to church without looking all vintage-costumey, my new cat shirt was there to make everything better. so heres to you, cat shirt. also, i FINALLY just had to put new jamberries on my nails (after THREE WEEKS the old set was STILL going strong), and this imperial print is definitely a win (and the matte finish, im in love!). 

but enough about cat shirts. its monthly wishes time!

last month my goals were all about getting ready for my fashion classes to start: i wanted to finish my financial aid appeal, change my name on my school records, get a new student id, research/buy running shoes, get a bunch of meals in the freezer, take alice to the zoo, and decide what i wanted to do about my job situation. 

and im very proud to announce that i did everything except getting a student id! (which, honestly, was probably the least important of all of the goals i had). 

most notably, i took the plunge and quit my job at joanns! which is totally the opposite of what i thought was going to happen, but even though school is only two nights a week, my classes are turning out to be a LOT more involved than id anticipated, so, taking back the cut counter position did not sound appealing. obviously i was concerned about losing the (albeit, pretty pathetic) income, so i figured id just skate by on just my teaching position. but then something completely unexpected happened: my jamberry launch party, despite having a ton of issues in the beginning (because facebook totally rewrote the notification stuff), and taking FOREVER to get any orders, and feeling like it was just going NOWHERE, totally made what id make in a normal paycheck at joanns working both positions. 

so, this weekend, i was basically faced with this choice: keep the job that causes all kinds of stress and problems and scheduling difficulties that pays hardly anything and has NO opportunity for anything better than what im doing right now, OR, quit and have more hours to put into this new work-at-home opportunity that has already proved to be more profitable AND has a basically unlimited income potential (provided that i keep up with networking and booking more parties). 

if youve been reading for a while, you know that this has been a long, drawn out, complicated, and emotionally difficult situation (i mean, im terrible at being employed so the nearly three years i spent with joanns is roughly three times as long as i had my next-longest job). but, once i looked at things objectively, it was pretty clear that working at joanns was NOT worth it. 

so, saturday, i finally quit. i may have to go back next saturday to teach one last class that has one student enrolled (meaning, its already in danger of being cancelled), but other than that, im done. and its great. because really, that silly little poorly paid part time job was starting to REALLY get in the way of our serious long-term goals (not to mention my health and sanity). 

and now, we can move on to aprils monthly wishes (because its the first monday of the month and thats how we roll here):

for obvious, just went back to college reasons, aprils them is LEARN. 

honestly, with this month being a weird transitional time with school, and also containing jamess birthday (and requisite trip to san diego), aprils goals are a little looser and less structured:

my big goal for the month is to soak up as MUCH information as i can in my classes and immediately apply it to my blog/business where appropriate. one of my classes is all about building a professional portfolio, and SO much of it is relevant to where my etsy shop is struggling right now, so my number one priority this month is to focus and excel in my classes (which shouldnt be difficult, since so far im the only one thats even doing all my homework). 

my smaller goals are to finish all the online training for jamberry (their consultant resources are fantastic, and i have SO much to learn if this is going to be a sustainable business), put together an awesome birthday surprise for james, and to write out a BIG list of EVERY house project/purchase thats been waiting so that we can take care of them on days off. 

those are my goals for april, what are your plans this month?


  1. Wooo congratulations!! I just quit my totally not worth the income and hours retail job too. When it really comes down to it, the amount of money you make for the amount of hours you put in is not worth it, especially when there's another money making opportunity available. Congrats on finally being free, so glad Jamberry is working out well!

  2. Congratulations on going to school! Yay! I totally understand the anxiety in quitting a job that YOU DO know it just not right for you. You made the right decision. Sounds like everything is looking up!

  3. thank you! thats EXACTLY why i love it so much! (that, and its going to look SO cute with my high waisted shorts this summer)

  4. congratulations to you too! thats totally right, even working BOTH positions i was taking home a MAXIMUM of $300 a month, it was SO not worth all the stress and time away from my responsibilities at home. thank you! I'm really excited to see where jamberry can go if a single party did so well.

  5. thanks megan! I've wanted to study fashion since i was a little kid, so it feels SO good to finally be doing it, and not having the burden of my dead-end job (even though it was kind of fun) makes it even better. things are looking up indeed.

  6. Dance With A DollyApril 9, 2014 at 4:41 AM

    First of all, I LOOOOVE your outfit! I really love your style. Secondly, congrats on setting yourself free from your job. You must feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

  7. aw, thank you! yes,that's exactly how I feel! the job got to a point where it wasn't even a hobby or a source of income and was just a burden, so it feels AWESOME to finally be free!