Thursday, April 10, 2014

im a lady and i still dont get pinterest.

ive probably talked about how i dont have a lot of lady friends before, right? and even though it does kind of bum me out sometimes, it really doesnt surprise me, considering that almost every time i hang out with ladies i really dont have much to contribute to the conversation, since im just not into any of the normal lady things. 

im serious. i hate watching movies, and we dont even have a tv so i am NOT up to date on tv shows. im not a big fan of shopping, beauty products, or magazines and in general i just dont really buy stuff. i dont decorate my house or work out or scrapbook and i REALLY hate gossip. im also not a big fan of weddings or babies or pinterest. 

especially pinterest. 

when i first heard about pinterest, my first thought was "oh great, another way for me to bookmark stuff and never look at it again" and i resisted for YEARS. there was just NO WAY that pinterest could result in anything productive. 

then, when i got all my stupid allergies and my mom finally convinced me that it would help me find new recipes. so i downloaded the app, made an account, and basically it turned out exactly like i thought it would. i pinned a whole lot of stuff that i more or less never looked at again. and for the most part, i was right: pinterest was not resulting in anything remotely productive. 

then i started taking this little blog thing seriously, and i read all about how using pinterest correctly could help with blog marketing or something so i started actually using pinterest. any by that i mean, i started pinning my blog posts and thats about it. unless i get a LOT of free time on my hands and then maybe ill look at some food. but thats pretty rare. 

and while at first i sort of understood how pinterest works and that it just wasnt really the social media network for me, after using it to promote my blog, i can confidently proclaim that I DO NOT UNDERSTAND PINTEREST EVEN A LITTLE TINY BIT. 

im going to use my most-repinned posts to illustrate this point. 

first, we have this recipe for carrots:

this ones gotten me a decent amount of traffic, which i sort of get because its a recipe thats kind of unusual but also delicious. 

then we have this scarf project:

this is probably my most-clicked pin on all of pinterest, which i totally get because its a craft and it got repinned by a well known blogger and apparently arm knitting is a really popular thing right now. 

but then theres this picture of shoes:

which, despite being my favorite pair of dancing shoes, is just not an objectively attractive photo and i feel like people pinning vintage shoes have LOTS of better options out there on the internet. or at least, they should. but no, this picture of shoes gets repinned fairly frequently. i dont get it. 

but you know what i REALLY, just CAN NOT comprehend?

has thirty eight repins. THIRTY EIGHT. its hot dogs! seriously pinterest. i give up. 


  1. I only joined Pinterest for blog purposes. I get on every couple weeks and pin a few things that look interesting, but I rarely use it. You are not alone.

  2. LOL! I'm not really into Pinterest either. It's basically like Tumblr and one website is enough for me. It is great for bringing traffic or needing a quick search for ideas. Tons of people are into it and you can easily track your website by putting the domain name here:

  3. oh good, i feel so much better now. I've been using pinterest for over a year and have like 300 pins. most of them my own content.

  4. yeah! its like a more grown up tumblr, and you get sucked in for hours and hours and get nothing done! i had no idea about the website tracker thing! apparently one of my other knitting patterns has really blown up!

  5. Pinning is kinda like crack for me....I'm a recovering Pinterest addict and have to seriously limit the time I spend there. I hit it hard in the early years, but I haven't gone back to hardly anything I've pinned, and I have almost no organization of my boards or anything. Then I found out it's one of the top drivers of traffic to sites, so I started pinning my blog posts, and I got my feelings hurt because no one repins my stuff. So, eff you, pinterest.

  6. Having a boring as heck office job, I used it mostly as an extremely necessary time waster, but yea i do NOT get the repins. I have this one random pin from buzzfeed about diy baby burp clothes or something that has 600 REPINS and it gets repinned every single day. how? what? I feel like it's somehow stuck on the 'popular' page or something.

  7. yeah! i feel like the most popular pins of whatever category just stay at the top so everybody sees them all the time? that hot dog one is STILL getting a new repin almost every day...